NFL Draft - CFL Implications

From a pure talent perspective the CFL family has to be slightly disappointed in only 1 Canuck selected in NFL draft.

OL Justin Senior - a 6'5", 332 lb. monster who was selected in the 6th round by Houston.

Obviously, no NFL teams saw enough in Big Geoff Gray, the U of M product.

One rule I'd like the CFL to implement, but it might possibly be anti-trust is that CFL teams get first opportunity to roster any draft eligible players of Canadian heritage not selected in the NFL draft.

Thus, an NFL team would only be eligible to speak contract to a Canadian player if they burned a draft selection on him.

If they selected the player they could sign him, roster him, try him out, put him on the reserve/taxi list or cut him outright at any point.

If not the CFL gets first crack at the guy and could sign him for up to 2 years before the player is re-exposed to the NFL in free agency!

Any other thoughts on this?

Auclair also signed immediately following the draft with Tampa Bay. There will be more.

Exactly what I mean. NFL teams should, at the very least be forced to burn a draft selection on Canadian players. Without it they can pre-negotiate and sign the guy anyways.

If forced to select the player in order to earn negotiating rights, the CFL, CIS & Canadian players playing down south would garner more attention, likely more money and more shine on things up north!

Just my opinion - I could be right!!!

Obviously. He so terrible the Packers brought him to Green Bay after his pro day her in Manitoba for a visit then immediately gave him a 3 year deal with signing bonus after the draft ended as a priority free agent.

It doesn't guarantee him a spot with the Packers but it sure seems like they see him as someone they could develop in the next couple of years. He won't be CFL bound for a couple of years at the earliest most likely.

I think this process stinks to low hell. (or downtown regina at the most). Being able to package sign CIS players without having to so much as expend a late round draft pick is tantamount to heresy.

Wonder if Green Bay would have used a pick on Big Geoff if they didn't know they could just priorize him as a free agent? Who knows? One less American kid getting drafted is the only answer I suppose!

I think the NFL should have to draft a player to sign him IF he is drafted by a CFL team.

If the player gets drafted by the CFL they cannot sign him as a FA

Players in draft signed by NFL who are probably out of the early rounds of this CFL draft
(CFL Draft rating in brackets)

(#1)OL/Senior - Drafted 6th round by Seattle

(#2)DL/Eli Ankou - signed in Houston

(#3)OL/Gray - signed in Green Bay

(#7)TE/Auclair - signed in Tampa

That is 4 of the top 7 players rated in the CFL draft already signed by the NFL.

NOTE - Justin Senior as a 6th round pick 210th overall receives a guaranteed $136,700US signing bonus
No other $$ is guaranteed

Still would have to be nuts to sign any of these guys with your top 3 picks after they signed on day 3 of the NFL draft.

Still don't think this stuff is right - or even close to right!

Canadian schools spending huge gobs of money on their football programs - 15 to 20 schools and we usually draft around 56 players - the majority show up at CFL training camps; around half get released and some float around the league for a couple years before packing it in - the other 20 to 25 (2 or 3 a team) catch on - some teams get a starter, some don't, mostly back up and reserve talent, special teams kids.

But spending money on guys who develop thru solid coaching, subsidized housing, special diets, workout programs & specialized training - only to find these kids jumping into the NFL cesspool once we finish them as professionals-in-waiting - THATS WRONG! THATS VERY WRONG!

CIS & CFL should mandate an agreement about CIS players having first obligations to CFL teams for at least two years. Can't bind them for eternity - but two years of service is fairly short. Would actually benefit both leagues.

At the very least return the subsidies, bursaries and housing allowances once the guy is signed by NFL.

If they need help from Parliament of Canada to legalize these moves, so be it. Legalize them. If prospective players want instant NFL drafting - then go play down in the NCAA - forego your Canadian subsidies and low college costs and pay the big money to attend a top flight USA football factory (college). Perhaps $50,000 to $100,000 a year vs. $5,000 to $10,000 a year in Canada.

Nat. players who would have been drafted in round 2 or round 3 will now be drafted in round 1.

Senior may be drafted by a team in round 7 and the others that have signed or been invited by an NFL team will most probably be drafted in round 2 or round 3.


The CFL puts zero, nada, zilch into CIS programs for drafting CIS players, yet it is one of the main pipelines of talent
for the CFL.
Maybe the CFL should be financially supporting the CIS for every draft pick they take, they could use some of the money they pay for fines and paying fired executives huge amounts of money to not work anymore.
CIS football programs are hugely expensive to run, travel, equipment, Stadiums, coaches, recruiting, etc,etc

I don't think they could realistically fine the riders enough to pay for the whole league, on this one, even the riders would run dry

Grover...your idea of the CFL to contribute to the CIS is a very good one. A public partnership between CIS and CFL would be a great marketing tool for the football community. If there was a $1.00 CIS surcharge on tickets for CFL games sold would add approximately $1.6 M to CIS coffers. If the CFL matched that the CIS would receive over 3 M/year. Even if was .50 per ticket the amounts would help.

The way to go for the CFL is to eventually have its own cable network that is likely to be streamed eventually. if the CFL gets 500k people to pay 200.00 a year that's a 100 million and they get to keep all the advertising money on top of that, your looking at another 25 to 50 million. That's 150 million minus the production costs. Probably 200k a game works out to about 18 million in expenses a year.

Leaving around 130 million for the teams, then you offer 5 to 10 million for the CIS broadcast rights and all of a sudden you are building something.

Looking at Cable television erosion. Its likely unavoidable.

Interesting. Why do you think it failed in the past? Too soon, before it's time?
I have no real idea or thoughts about the approximate numbers you've pulled up. Are you thinking that this network only broadcasts the games and is dead air for the most part outside of that. Or are you thinking its a 365 day a year broadcast with content. Is the template the NFL network?

Something like the NFL network crossed with the Netflix model. I think it could be included in Season ticket holders package maybe with a rebate. Maybe they pay 150 instead of 200 since they are likely missing out on at least 9 or 10 games attending live. So right there you've got close to half your 500 membership. You also can now sign up people anywhere. US, Europe...

You could introduce a spring arena league and add it to the package. Obviously the league's track record isn't one that gives me much faith they will look at the future till foreclosure stares them in the face.

How could the CFL, a business operating in Canada under Canadian law possibly make a rule that would bind the NFL, a business operating in the US under US law?

Drew Edwards?Verified account @scratchingpost 5m5 minutes ago
#CFL teams need to be down to 75 players today so expect several clubs to announce cuts,

But they have a cable network, it's called TSN.

I don't understand what you are suggesting?
Are you saying that the CFL would spend millions of dollars buying HD cameras, sound equipment, control booths, hiring staff such as camera men, production crew, play by play announcers, analysts etc, start up their own TSN type network for CFL football only?....................... :?
Have you seen the set up when TSN arrives at a stadium to broadcast football? the equipment? the mobile trucks? the huge amount of staff?

And what's the risk if they spend the millions and they don't get 500k subscribers?
At least TSN has dozens of other sports they can get ad revenue from, plus the 8 million subscribers.
It's far cheaper to have TSN pay the CFL $42 Million.
CIS football was dropped because no one is watching it.

Has nothing to do with the upcoming CFL draft, but former BC Int. DE Alex Bazzie who was signed by the Colts of the NFL in the off-season, has been released today.