NFL Divisional Round Game Thread

There were quite a few things. McCarthy has never managed the clock well but they should never have been in that position and should have been up 7 at least at the half. Dak gave away points like Halloween candy and Maher made them make decisions they normally wouldn’t make.


If not for some dropped INTs, he would’ve had more.


At this point you gotta think SF has some thinking to do about which QB's to keep for next season..............

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Well I think you covered it well there.

For those reading this fine take too, you can go ahead now and skip the awful armchair quarterback sports media on Monday morning.


I will say this...

That was, overall, the best played game of the weekend and the type of football I miss seeing regularly. Serious , physical defence on both sides, and the game basically played between the 35 yard lines...


Purdy and for the right money, Garappolo as backup but chances are he still wants to be the starter he really is not for any top half team.

Well at least the Jets beat the lottery bound Flyers so that’s something.

Good night all.


Contrast the two games today.

The first game was the NFL skate-around, and then this was the grudge match.

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I am going to assume that the Eagle fans will start tailgating on Wednesday and will be ready to properly welcome the Niners and their fans when they arrive at the Linc on Sunday.
Fly, Eagles, Fly!

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Next to no chance Jimmy is back. With Lance and Purdy both on team friendly rookie contracts, there's your 2 QBs. Jimmy is a free agent.

If SF loses next week, open competition (Providing Lance is even ready for camp) but if Purdy even gets to the Super Bowl, I think it's his team next year.

Lance has 2 years left.
Purdy 3 years left.

SF is in a good spot salary cap wise not having to pay a QB.