NFL Divisional Round Game Thread

Starting this a day early for any who will be following the games this weekend and in order not to clog up other threads.

Previews of the matchups below in order of the games:


I expect Kansas City to handle Jacksonville fairly easy.

Listening to the Buffalo sports station on the way home from work, I get the impression they're a little worried about playing Cincinnati. Hopefully, their fears will be realized!!!

I think Philadelphia will beat the Giants ,but, it's a divisional game so it might be closer than some think.

Everyone, other than Cowgirl fans, is rooting for San Francisco Sunday night.

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I better get my sober picks in soon.

who is winning so far

I’ll know after a couple of b**rs.

Below is a link to the standings after the wildcard round.

After the games this weekend the updated standings will be posted in the divisional round thread.

playoff football makes me eat too much :pretzel: :bagel: :sandwich: :taco: :doughnut: :cake: :sushi: :ramen: :bento: :beers:

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Ninety minutes until Game 1.

I’m not thinking it will be close but who knows.

go Jags :smiley_cat:

I think you’ll need some eye of newt and toe of frog brewed properly to give them a chance. Maybe a doll with pins.

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i have a Mahomes doll and my knitting needles waiting

the cauldron is boiling already


Snowing at Arrowhead...

Next week stupid neutral site games in domes...

Isn’t that only if Buffalo and KC meet?

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It looks like next weeks AFC championship game is in Atlanta and the NFC game is in Glendale , Arizona...

I get the Super bowl being a neutral site game, but the conference championship games should be played in the elements with the team with the best record left being the home team.

there are still divisional round games to play before the AFC and NFC championship matches.



No one has forgotten anything...I noticed the snow falling at Arrowhead and am lamenting the fact that the elements will be taken out of the game next week regardless...

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i’m so confused

I understand that the AFC championship is in Atlanta but think that is only if Buffalo and KC meet to make up for Buffalo playing one less game.

I have not heard of the NFC championship game being in Arizona. I think you mean the Super Bowl, which is in Glendale this year.

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