(NFL) Detroit and Phoenix... consistantly bad!

I'm amazed how loyal the fans of Detroit and Phoenix are considering these two teams are constantly in the basement. Losing season after losing season. (And the Rider fans thought they had it rough!)
So I have a few questions:

(1) Why are these two teams continually at the bottom? Is it the Owners, (Take the ticket revenue and to heck with the fans (Product) or is it the GM's (Constantly pciking bad players)?

(2) Has Detroit ever hosted a Playoff game? (I know theve' been involved once or twice)

(3)Have the Cardinals ever hosted a Playoff game? (In Either Phoenix or when they were in St. Louis)

Maybe Statik76 who follows the NFL or any one else that follows the NFL closely can fill me in on some history?

I know teams like Cincy and Cleveland have had their ups and downs, but nothing like the Cards and the Lions

Information from wikipedia:

I'll start with Detroit:

Detroit last made the play-offs in 1999 as a wildcard team. They last hosted a play-off game during the 1993 season. They last won a play-off game in 1991 (which was at home). They last won a NFL chammpionship in 1957.

The Cardinals:
Last played ina play-off game in 1998 (which they won one). Have never hosted a play-off game as the Arizone, Pheonix, or St. Louis Cardinals. Last won a NFL chamionship in 1947 as the Chicago Cardinals.

Now for my opinion:

Both the Lions and the Cardinals have been easy victories over the last few years. I believe Detroit is failing because of bad management. They have no good quarterbacks and they have bad drafts year after year. In my opinon they have to get rid of Matt Millen. Personally I don't see Detroit going anywhere fast, but the NFL is the league of parity and things do change quite quickly.

Arizona also hasn't got the players. But they will get better as I believe Matt Leinart will be the answer at quarterback. He is coming along nicely in his rookie season. It also helps they built a new stadium that isn't as hot for the fans and they are selling out games now. I think they have to get rid of their head coach as they have lost to many games they should have won, including a Monday nighter this year agianst my Bears.

Roughy hit it on the head about the Lions: Matt Millen is completely and utterly clueless-he is a cancer in the Lions organization, and needs to be sent packing...he may be the only GM that is dumber than the Packer's Ted Thompson.
One thing about the Cards is that ownership is rumored to be pretty tight w/the checkbook, so that may be the issue...the new stadium will help them generate revenue, and will attract more free agents-it's nice to be able to close that roof in August and September in Phoenix.

It seems some franchises develop a losing atmosphere and it takes forever to shake it. I agree between the 2 teams I'd bet Arizona pulls out of it before Detroit but remember last year some pre season pundits thought they could win the conference? I know the NFL is about parity but these teams never got the memo. I also think the Texans will be in that category too. It didn't take the Jags and Panthers this long to become decent and that whole draft fiasco of passing up Bush and Young says a lot about the leadership there. Speaking of which, Matt Millen is like Mike Milbury or Bob Clarke, what does it take to get fired?

The point you make, Sportsmen about how loyal the fans are ---- at what point is a diehard simply a sucker? (Do you hear that Leafs Fan?Kidding!)

Thanks for the info roughyfan. (and everyone elses input.)

Matt Millen is the reason why Detroit stinks. You only can blame the head coach so much. How many coaching changes has he made?

As for Arizona here is a great short story. The Argos cut Diamond Ferri as a safety this season. He played one game for the Lowell Nor'easter(semi-pro team i play on) after he got cut from the Argos, and he ran 8 times for 88 yards and a touchdown. We really didn't use him much because the team we played against stunk. He got a call after the game to report to AZ Cardinals camp. Long shot to make it, was the 5th running back on the depth chart in camp. He made the 53 man roster and actually scored in a preseason game. He's played in 5 games this season. He has bounced between the active roster and practice squad. Not bad over $500,000US to play some football. Great story and he is the only reason why I'am a Cards fan from MASS.

The fan support is good, but not as good as you think. The Cardinals have played in front of many crowds in the 28-35000 range in the last few years (which is still more than they deserve).