NFL dead in Toronto and Argos may need a barn !

I promise you that Rogers center will not have grass for 2013. Would take at least 3 years to engineer a solution, go through the environmental assessments, municipal hearings, doing the work. That's if no modifications need to be made to city sewer systems. Still a very short window of time for the Argos to find a place to play, especially if they need to build or renovate something.

My view of this. It is a crazy idea to risk the integrity of a billion dollar building and spending 50 to 100 million dollars because a couple baseball players want to play on grass. Not to mention loss revenue from other streams. I doubt they go through with it once they see the costs associated with it. Terrible business decision.

I'm not criticizing what your saying, but how did TFC make a snap decision one winter to install grass?

Obviously a dome is different, but i'm assuming grass takes similar amounts of water no matter what the usage, and really drainage would be worse for BMO because it is outside, vs. the controlled environment of RC.

I don't see this as being a stumbling block at all.

It would seem to me that they can have contractors lined up for February to prepare the drainage, and then in March lay/seed the field.

Fertilizer has apparently come a long way and you don't necessarily need the dome open to start the process.

How big is the underground garage at BMO ? :lol:

There is parking located under the venue which allows use of the internal elevators to provide easy access into the building for events. The height restriction for the underground garage is 2.05 meters.
You have no idea how involved this will be. It is very complex if it can be done at all.

This article in the Globe says it could happen as early as next season:

"Essentially, that would make Rogers Centre a baseball-only facility from April through October and force the Argos to look for a new home as early as next season."

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Here is how much water we are talking about

Playing surface is 108 000 square feet
Average rainfall is 40 inch a year in Toronto (if closed for winter months) if open it would be 92.

so for the summer months you would need to drain 108 000 x .6 x 40 = 2 592 000 gallons of waste water, it would likely be more than that as you can't confine water to rain only on the playing surface, you would have to create slopes and funnel all that to some plumbing build on top of the electricals and parkade of the building.

If you had one inch of rain come down in less than an hour (happens every summer) the weight of that water not counting the weight of the soil and sawd would weight around 600 000 pounds or about the same as having 40 000 people standing on the playing field.

Its a massive stress on the building and require some serious engineering.

The roof does not need to be open at all. That's the whole point, it is not draining as much as BMO would need to.

This isn't typical grass that me and you have, this is grass that is fed expensive fertilizer so that it doesn't always need to be open to the air.

The drainage that is needed is for the watering's it will get, along with any surprise rain fall while the dome is open.

No where does it say that RC is becoming an open air stadium, simply baseball only.

Hf, were you thinking they were going to be leaving the RC open a lot to make the grass grow and therefore it would be exposed to so much more rain? Brad is correct I would say.

I love the idea of putting B.C. PLACE like turf in the ROGERS CENTER. :cowboy:


However , if the ARGOS get a new stadium and forever kills the the idea of the NFL at the R.C. , I am all for that.

I can't see how the JAYS are going to make more money being a 1 note singer [just baseball]

Rogers Centre already has the same type of turf. So does every other CFL stadium. Unless there is something unique about BC Place? They've all gone to FieldTurf or equivalents in recent years.

The ones with the rubber pellets right? We had that installed in the old BC Place, but when the new BC Place returned we got this new FIFA grade turf that actually lets us host FIFA events now. Its like a spongy, i walked on it, more like real surface dirt and i don't think they use rubber pellets on it but a kind of fake dirt or something i believe.

I walked down to the field for the Grey Cup Celebration reached a feel under the guard rail lol.

I still think Toronto should have a new football stadium. The Blue Jays and Rogers and the fact the thing wasn't even designed for Football really. I know thats not what Braley wants to hear, but I think it just hit me the other day as this subject came up. A new stadium in Toronto would be ideal. And its gotta be huge. None of this 30,000 crap. A new stadium in Toronto that doesn't suck like Skydome will stay over 40,000 i think. I think everyone hated Skydome from the get go cuz of sitelines so there's my 2 cents. lol

If it’s in the 40,000 range then they can also start thinking about a Winter Classic.

I am sure it is doable but grass is grass and needs watering. The fertilizer probably helps to compensate for lack of sun and such but that fetilizer has to be approved by the city, the water has to be treated or at least transported through sewer systems. It will require an incredible amount of fresh water to upkeep it if they don't plan to use rain water. The city will have a say in all of this.

I just don't think its just about pulling the carpet out and dropping some sawd on the foundation.

Agree and also agree that just because a Globe article says it could happen next season, that means diddly until the specifics of what needs to happen are ironed out. It is basically transforming the place from an indoor parlour to something that can drain water at least to some extent. And getting the right mix is an experiment in the making as well.

Also, it's a test case and who knows, the grass might not workout. It's not like it's been done in x number of sites out there similar to RC, tested and true so to speak.

Walking on dried out natural grass field can be equally as tough on the feet and joints I'm sure as turf on concrete.

How old is the turf at Rogers Centre? It looks really worn out.

Isn't it that Nexturf stuff? It's supposed to look like natural grass.

Edit: Rogers Centre upgraded to next generation AstroTurf in 2010.

B.C. PLACE has much different turf. It is more modern and it is good enough for the soccer GODS.

You are so right about the GLOBE.

I don't think that the R.C. will ever be just for baseball. In more recent articles the JAYS have been pulling back on what Beeston said
" I told Blue Jay fans not to get their hopes up "

It would be business suicide to make the R.C. and 1 note [baseball only] stadium.
The R.C. would be useless and empty for 7 months out of every year.
I just think that ROGERS are trying to change the subject because of the BILLS disaster.
However , ROGERS have proven that they are not the sharpest tools in the shed. :lol:

Ya! go Mobilicity! Wind! Anything not Rogers/Chat-r/Fido, Telus/Koodo, Bell/Virgin Mobile.

If you were to want natural grass at Skydome, you would have to remove the concrete floor which would all but eliminate it from any other uses. In other words you would still have all the ugly aspects of multi-purpose stadium for baseball, but you would lose the ability to host other events which is the one positive of having a multi-purpose stadium. That makes little sense. But then again this same group also thought paying for the Bills series was also a good idea so you never know