NFL dead in Toronto and Argos may need a barn !

A stadium at Lamport would be a complete rebuild and would likely be a twin sideline grandstand only stadium without endzone seating. There just isn’t more space than that…

At best, I can see Lamport as a stop gap measure until something decent is built (think of it as Toronto's Empire Field). It is almost like the Air Canada Centre saga at the beginning. MLSE and the original owners of Toronto's Bouncingball team both wanted to build their own buildings and they both would have been built practically next door to each other until saner heads prevailed; saner being MLSE buying the Bouncingball team and the just under construction ACC and shelving their own plans for Union Station. Expand Lamport to a permanent capacity of 20K and you will be able to stand on the top row and look 500 meters to the south and see Toronto's other permanent 20K stadium. To me, that is just stupid. Expand Lamport temporarily to 20k with all the possible amenities with the understanding that it is just for one or two seasons until something proper and decent is build in a proper and decent location. The Argos and Toronto football fans deserve a proper facility and not something thrown together in desperation. No more converted stadiums.
See, I don't know about that. The biggest issue I see is that there is no easy way to put temp seating up higher then Lamport is right now. A refurbishment with some strong supports, sure, but for temp seating, not so sure. Make no mistake though, any new stadium site for the Argos won't be pretty unless you start from scratch up somewhere (possibly at York University, as I can't find anywhere else in the city you could fit a stadium in without destroying a good chunk of park land.

Plus there is absolutely no parking as it is in a mostly residential area.

Yeah, this is a problem. There seems to be some buisness parking lots, but apart from that the only other option is park and Exhibition place and walk over the tracks. I wonder how the Nationals did it when they were in Toronto? At least we know where this year's Grey Cup money is going.

First of all, I still maintain the biggest problem for the argos to move into BMO field is the fact the stadium cannot accommodate a CFL field. TFC plays 11 home games during the period of June to October. You want to tell me you can't fit 9-10 football dates in that period? Even if you include TFC exhibitions, champions league, etc. it's not difficult to coordinate a schedule if it really needed to be done. The bigger issue is that BMO is a dump and not suitable for a CFL team.

Instead, the argos should look to Mississauga as a partner for a new stadium. Toronto is not going to get into the business of building another stadium. They already own one. Mississauga is a large municipality trying to break away from it's bedroom community status and be considered a legitimate stand alone city. I've also heard the mayor has floated the idea of building a stadium. The argos already have their practice facility in the city (albeit a dump) and would still be accessible to a large part of their fanbase. They could also use the potential new stadium as their practice facility.

If and when the argos look for a new stadium, they should get out of Toronto proper if they want to see some financial partners.

It is a short walk from the Exhibition grounds, where there is lots of parking, a GO station and even the possibility of game-day tailgating. It is also a very hip urban enclave, with lots of shops and restaurants. And there is streetcar service. So you have access to parking, access to transit and a beautiful neighbourhood/commercial area surrounding the stadium. The downside is . . . ?

The downside is you need to convince people to walk the distance from Exhibition to Lamport. General rule of thumb is more the a half Km is too far. The parking for Exhibtion place is around that range. It could work though, which is why I'm suggesting it as the only real solution in my eyes. The big advantage is that it's already zoned as a stadium, so expanding or rebuilding there means fewer hurtles at City Hall. After all, who is going to object to improving something that is already there?

BMO is no longer an otion.

Build/rebuild/refurbish a great football-first stadium at Lamport, and license the parking lots at CNE for tailgating, and people will not be reluctant to walk the 500-750 metres from there to Lamport. I agree about the zoning -- there would seem to little or no chance of the same sort of opposition that killed a rebuilt Varsity, although one should never under-estimate the potential for a few noisy ratepayers to raise a ruckus about something that is clearly good for the community as a whole, but a minor inconvenience for a few people in the immediate vicinity.

There could also be a special shuttle service to the stadium. However, I'm not convinced that Ontario will EVER allow bona fide tail gate parties. All it would take is one Friday night of a mass citations for BBQs and open beers and people who would otherwise go games will cease to do so.

Move the Argos to Buffalo.......It's not like they have a real team there :cowboy: :roll: :rockin:

Buffalo does indeed have a real team, just not one able to get to the postseason, that's all. :wink:


I play indoor flag football at the bubble at Lamport, have dined in the neighbourhood and have been to a dozen TFC games. Lamport is literally a 3 - 5 minute walk from Exhibition Station, the CNE grounds and all the parking available there.

The problem would simply be a lack of space to develop a 25,000+ seat stadium on the site. Its tight. I don't think you'd get much opposition from the neighbourhood. BMO is already on the other side of the tracks and its a young and outgoing condo crowd that resides there. They're already used to the nightlife and noise. 10 nights of CFL stadium traffic in addition to the existing 20 or so nights of TFC traffic and the CNE wouldn't be a shock to the residents.

I didn't know the Argonauts did play at Lamport, at least according to this article:

City drops ball at stadium

"Lamport Stadium, home of Argonauts football in the 70s and where the Who fans lined up for concert tickets..."

[url=,6,2006] ... =26,6,2006[/url]

Well, if I were the Argos, I'd stake a claim on Lamport right now and become the private developer who is going to build there. Otherwise, you're going to have to deal with York University or finding a place in the suburbs.

nice find Earl.
and it appears that the Argos very nearly leased Lamport in 2001 yet pulled out for unknown reasons.

"The future of Lamport has been in limbo since 2001, when a proposed revitalization was halted after the city lost its Olympics bid and the Canadian Soccer Association and the Argos pulled out of deals to rent the venue."

Lamport Stadium, home of Argonauts football in the 70s and where the Who fans lined up for concert tickets in the 80s, faces an uncertain future after falling into disrepair over the last decade. What to do with the 10,000-seat monument?

This 2006 article stated the dilapidated condition Lamport was in back then...
Does this not entail that Lamport would basically require a complete rebuild/demolition to instill a CFL grade stadium?

who would pay for these subsidies, and would this scenario not be more complicated/expensive than locating another suitable property with additional amenity space and start from scratch?

I'm sure Lamport would need quite an overhaul for sure for it to even be considered useable. I don't know of the politics with the stadium and area to be honest, and the history behind it all.

I think one of the key issues is that there is no time to build a stadium for the 2013 season if Rogers does go for grass for 2013.

Look at the IWS debacle and how long that took, and still the wrong decisions were made.

True enough although maybe with the building going on for the PanAm facilities, some of that could be directed to Lamport if it was to be used for some soccer or whatever, I don't know.