NFL dead in Toronto and Argos may need a barn !

What would a grass Roger Centre mean to the NFL in Toronto? Nothing, because it’s a dead issue. Rogers wildly overpaid for five years of Bills games (with the last in 2012) and isn’t interested in renewing at the original price. The NFL still has no interest in Toronto’s getting a team of its own and hasn’t for decades.

The Argos’ best chance to relocate in a smaller stadium in a good location was BMO Field, but Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, while hoisting that one from the taxpayers, kept it soccer-only by quickly pouring concrete in what would be CFL end zones while the Argos’ then-owners slept.

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BMO would have been ideal.
It is highly disconcerting that MLSE was able to manipulate the City of Toronto with such ease.

What's very weird if the city of Toronto and MLSE had worked with their own city colleagues in Cynamon and Sokolowski, fellow Torontonians, they would have had a much nicer stadium than what BMO is today. Strange. :?

About the only place I can see the Argos move to is Lamport Stadium and having people park and exhibition and walk or making UFT’s Missisauga campus an offer they can’t refuse (which isn’t likely at all). At least that way you could promote the old football team in and older section of the town, with older buildings and give the Argos a bit of grit to their character. Maybe while they are at it, they can convince Ryerson to start up a Football program.

MLSE isn’t going to let them play at BMO because the grass damage the Argos will cause will conflict with TFC scheduling and they aren’t going to go back to turf. Maybe if the Argos put in money when BMO finally gets a Reno maybe…but that’s pushing it.

Varsity Stadium isn’t big enough and can’t be expanded

UFT Missisauga has said they aren’t interested.

and the SkyDome is well…yeah.

MLSE isn't going to let them play at BMO because the grass damage the Argos will cause will conflict with TFC scheduling and they aren't going to go back to turf. [b]Maybe if the Argos put in money when BMO finally gets a Reno maybe..[/b].
even if possible, that could be many many years away as BMO is less than 5 years old. and the Argos are facing possible eviction by the end of this season. :(

unfortunately, a plan needs to be addressed in a very short time frame.

Maybe as the illusion of an NFL team wears off and the Argos put a quality product on the field maybe Ford or his replacement can get support for building a football stadium. If Winnipeg can afford a stadium Toronto can afford one to if there is public support for it or at least no major objection. Could also mean this will be the last GC to be held in Toronto for a generation or more.

BMO is not a CFL calibre stadium anyway. And I will tell you with the history of soccer in North America there will be a day where that place is looking for a tenant. MLS economic model is unproven. Now that expansion fees will no longer be coming in and the TV ratings have been dismal it is unlikely that ESPN will want to renew their TV contract at the going rate if at all. There are profound changes in the works with the US economy and it will have a huge impact on pro sports.

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Going back to Lamport, there seems to be a decent amount of room to expand the stadium. The only issue I really see is you'd have the cut the parking lot to get it to CFL size, and even more for Endzone seating which I don't know if that would even be possible. I'm sure the surrounding businesses wouldn't mind, and it appears to be within walking distance of the Exhibition GO station for Hamilton fans coming to town. It would be tight, but I think you could get a 25,000 seater in there. Not sure though, you'd be getting really close to the curb methinks.

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I posted a link to an article in which the author FOR THE FIRST TIME admits that the NFL in Toronto is a pipe dream and gives additional insight that gives credence to the theory that the Argos may need a home. I did not condemn Rogers or the Jays or journalists. I leave it to you to write an Essay or plea to indict the entire Toronto media or create fiction. Don't you have a sticky where you can post your BS, false accusations and conspiracy theories ?

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One thing though is that Toronto doesn't have a stadium large enough to hold a Winter Classic NHL game (RC apparently isn't useable in the winter months for it being open) and you would think that maybe something might be done to BMO to make it suitable for that and at the same time for the Argos tying in with this.

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The RC isn't usable because it has no proper drainage. It's not designed to handle being open during heavy rain, or handling a winter melt. Putting ice in there is a recipe for disaster from my understanding.

The big issue is TFC supporters don't want the Argos playing at BMO. They want the stadium to stay grass, and don't want an expanded field, yard lines or damage to the field from Football. MLSE isn't going to potentially compromise TFC revenue to accommodate the competing Argos and what additional revenue they might bring in. That being said, I still don't quite get why MLSE never considering buying the Argos and Monopolizing the Toronto sports market. It's not like they don't know how to turn a sports franchise into a money making machine.

That being said, I still don't quite get why MLSE never considering buying the Argos and Monopolizing the Toronto sports market. It's not like they don't know how to turn a sports franchise into a money making machine.
MLSE may have thought it unwise if the possibility of an NFL franchise were to ride into town.

...sorry, it was a limited-time offer

Yes, I'm sure MLSE thought Ralph Wilson wouldn't make it past 90 and the team would be up for a firesale before any thought came into the light about renovating The Ralph and keeping the Bills there.

But I tell you, that Ralph Wilson sure seems to be made of some good ol' tough stock, he must be around 93 now I think and still seems fairly sharp from some quotes I've seen in articles.

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I do believe that the Argos could benefit from have their own stadium... even if its not 50K or better.... a 35-45K stadium might fit the bill...

At best, I can see Lamport as a stop gap measure until something decent is built (think of it as Toronto's Empire Field). It is almost like the Air Canada Centre saga at the beginning. MLSE and the original owners of Toronto's Bouncingball team both wanted to build their own buildings and they both would have been built practically next door to each other until saner heads prevailed; saner being MLSE buying the Bouncingball team and the just under construction ACC and shelving their own plans for Union Station. Expand Lamport to a permanent capacity of 20K and you will be able to stand on the top row and look 500 meters to the south and see Toronto's other permanent 20K stadium. To me, that is just stupid. Expand Lamport temporarily to 20k with all the possible amenities with the understanding that it is just for one or two seasons until something proper and decent is build in a proper and decent location. The Argos and Toronto football fans deserve a proper facility and not something thrown together in desperation. No more converted stadiums.

Is Lamport Stadium capable of expanding an additional 11,000 seats? (even if only temporary for 2-3 seasons)

Anything less than 20,000 would drain Braley's pockets even moreso than the miniscule 20,000+ that attended last season at the Rogers Centre.
Leasing an "Empire Stadium" (25,000 seats) similar to the one BC utilized may be the best transient option until a permanent home is affixed.

...and we could also assume that the TiCats will not be able to play a few "home" games at the RC during their limbo season next year either.