NFL cuts

Who do we bring in?

Kyries Hebert? good special teams tackler and can play safety, linebacker or HB for us

Titus Ryan? good receiver, good returner but do we bring him back knowing he's probably out for 3-4 weeks

Hefney. No brainer

I'd personally like to see them bring in receivers preferably bigger taller ones to play wideout. Running backs Reid is just an Avg to below avg Running back we need someone who can make there own gains or bounce off and break tackles, Reid to me is honestly a guy thats only good if the product is sitting there right in front of him, if the hole ain't there he's pretty much useless.

Fred reid is an average RB? OK, look at the stats man and what do you suggest we give Joe Smith a call .... LOL .... This topic of Fred Reid is old already, he is fine!!

Yes he is 5TH in rushing with 615 Yards, but has less carries (big time) than those above him and if he had the amount of carries as all above him he would be at least #2 in rushing yards. Also don't forget the fact that he is a RB in a 5 reciever set offense so in retrospect to your post : having 9 less carries than Cates and trailing him by 1 whole yard or 8 less carries than Reynolds and trailing him by 6 Yards (Reynolds is a big bashing QB like you say we need), i'll still take Fred Reid as our RB.

look at the stats dude:

  1. Boyd ---- 133 Carries for 792 Yards and an average of 6 Yards Per carry

  2. Whitlock ---- 115 Carries for 686 Yards and an avg of 6 yards per carry

  3. Reynolds ---- 101 Carries for 621 Yards and an avg of 6.1 Yards Per Carry

  4. Cates ---- 102 Carries for 616 yards and an avg of 6 Yards per carry

  5. Fred Reid ---- 93 carries for 615 Yards and an avg of 6.6 yards per carry.

ok on topic:

Ryan --- Yes, his agent is in talks with the Bombers and apparently is healthy i would take a younger, faster, promising Ryan over Davis in a heartbeat.

Hefney --- Of course, but there is still a chance he could end up on a PR down South, cross our fingers in the next 10 days

Hebert --- Not going to happen, good player, too much money besides he will most likely be picked up by someone Down South, makes too much $$$ and we have a great Canadin safety in Logan for way less $$$ ....

Stats gotta love stats if i based everything on stats this team should have a .500 record

When does Reid get his carries and when does he get the 20+ end of game when we are down and D's expecting pass. Watch the guy play 1st contact is all thats needed rarely make people miss or break tackles. has below avg hands isn't much of a pass blocker not that he's suppose to be but he's not like robertson or cobourne.

The difference between all those guys is they are fighting for there yards keeping drives alive making 2nd down easier, benefitting there teams in othe aspects catching blocking etc. Reid is a back that gets his yards in bunches and when he doesn't its in the backfield or very small gain how many 2nd and 10's have we seen this year because Reid can't generate anything. I think Reid's already hit his peak so trying someone new ain't gonna hurt is it i just don't see Reid getting any better than what he is right now which is good but why not bring a prospect up get him ready for next year

You seem to have forgotten about TJH in your comments. He is supposed to be back in the line-up soon. Davis will be off the 42 man roster when TJH is healthy. So when that happens, who are you going to play, TJH or Ryan?

Again, i don't know but this topic i already responded to in the Ryan waived by Cowboys thread!!

Two players required please, playmakers, MLB and WR, then we will start to turn the corner.

Not sure if this has been reported yet but Heffney has been added to the Detroit PR.