NFL Cuts

I'm not sure the 'NFL Window" loss is such a bad thing. Why does our league need the instability of guys coming up here for a year and then leaving for a NFL practice roster spot? I'd rather have a professional football player who is intelligent enough to know where he's at making a commitment to our league and pursuing a career rather than a one year stop gap. To heck what a player's agent thinks - they are only interested in their commission cheque.

Wally Buono said that Foley called him when he was cut by the Seahawks. It looks like if Foley doesn’t make it in the NFL, he’d go back to BC.

Agreed A Change in maybe good for Chris
He a good kid

I'm not sure what a change in place will do Bauman any good. No matter what colour the uniform you still have to be able to catch the damn ball. It's a shame he hasn't performed here but I don't see him suddenly improving just because he has a different logo on his helmet.

it work for a lot players..

Look at Peterson Bad in Winnipeg and Hamilton Great in Edmonton

Not to be a nit picker, but if you say it works for lots of players, you need more than one example. I agree with you though, sometimes a change in scenery helps. But sometimes a players just isn't very good. (Ex. Brock Ralph)

Once you get down into the article it also says that the NFL may also miss out on players who don't want to miss getting their assured CFL cheque.

“Those players have wives and families, and other things to worry about. I know guys who are in that very situation. They’re making a nice living up there – they’re established on the team. Why would they up and go for an opportunity when they’re not being compensated??

The headline is unbalanced. The article really seems to describe a wholesale change to the "playing field".

According to the Yahoo article, Foley got a $100,000 signing bonus from the Seahawks? That's hard to believe, although there were several teams after him. It seems most of the CFL signees have flopped this year in the NFL.

The article claims that some U.S. players won't sign in the CFL because they can't leave after one season. But all the CFL guys he listed who made it big in the NFL played 2 or more years in the CFL: Flutie 8 yrs, Moon and Garcia 6 yrs, Foley 4 yrs, Wilson 2 yrs, Wake 2 yrs. Playing that 2nd year in the CFL didn't seem to hurt their NFL opportunities much?

If a player won't sign in the CFL because he has to commit for 2 seasons, you probably don't want him anyways. :cowboy:

Maybe at 22 years of age

you would have been wise enough to see the big picture, Ockham

but most Americans football players grow up
with a dream of playing in the NFL one day,

and agents can be very persuasive when
an NFL commission check as their reward.

I don't slight anyone for following their dreams. The lure of the big NFL show must be quite attractive especially to a young man. However, the desire to play should be strong as well. Three years as a tackling dummy or a chance to be a star in your home country? If I recall correctly, I'd want to play.

"Just got off the phone with Obie and he says that the team is interested in both receiver Sam Giguere and cornerback Bo Smith if they become available.

Both playeres were released from their NFL teams today and are currently in the process of clearing waivers, which means it's possible they could be picked up by another NFL club.

Once they clear waivers, it's possible they could be added to an NFL practice roster, either with the clubs they initially signed with - Smith with the Jets, Giguere with Colts - or another NFL team.

Giguere has been on the Indy practice roster since 2006 and generally that means he must become a free agent. But because he was hurt much of last season, he may still be able to go back on the PR with the Colts - though their is no guarantee that they'd want him or that he'd want to return. The Colts are very deep at WR.

Both guys may also wait a week or two to see if they get picked up after the regular season starts and injuries take their toll. Don't forget that NFL practice roster money is more substantial than CFL game cheque money in man cases. And The League is The League.

So it will be a few days before we know for sure whether those two players will be in Hamilton. But it remains a distinct possibility."

Here is a the list of former/future CFL players who have been cut from their respective teams..

Stevie Baggs - Arizona Cardinals

Kyries Hebert - Cincinnati Bengals

Jonathan Hefney - Detroit Lions

Samuel Giguere - Indianapolis Colts

Rolly Lumbala - Miami Dolphins

Bo Smith - New York Jets

Larry Taylor - New York Jets

Ricky Foley - New York Jets

Martell Mallett - Philadelphia Eagles

Stefan Logan - Pittsburgh Steelers

Accept for the Giguere news all the other cuts were taken from the link below..

This from Arash Madani’s twitter page

Arash Madani: W/ Sam Giguere cut by #Colts, #NFL days likely done. Credit kid sticking for 2 yrs. Makes him a better #CFL WR down the road. #Ticats await
10:03 PM September 4 | retweet this

I'd sign Stefan Logan. He's proved himself in the CFL. He's better than Cobb even though Cobb is coming around.

An Argo-Cat fan

I don't want Stefan Logan, if we're going to sign a runningback it has to be one that can run between the tackles and power his way to 2-4 yards on short yardage situations. Stefan Logan is just another speed guy that is best in open field.

Agree to that. I hope Obie and staff are sorting through the cuts looking for a power back.

Again for what it's worth, fans in the Colts forum are surprised John Chick got cut but not so for Sam. I bet he's up here next week.

We’re likely going to sign Conte Cuttino (see the thread)
All signs point to him.He has highlights on youtube.
Pretty much like Marcus Thigpen.

I think Martell Mallett would look pretty good in black and gold. :o

That's puzzling. I don't think we need three guys of that style. However, if Cuttino can get short yards too then I'm all for it. Maybe Fournier figured it out over the bye week.

On GBonds88's list, are any of those players that had played here still under contract with CFL teams if cut in the NFL?