NFL Cuts

In the interest of another non-stadium thread, how about updates on NFL cuts likely enroute to the Great White North.

According to the Colts fan forum (for what this is worth) John Chick is on the bubble and Sam is likely headed to the Practice Roster again. Will this be Sam's second or third year on an NFL PR and does he qualify for a pension as a result?

I wonder if Jim Popp will be looking for a QB given last night's performance and the impending reality of Life Without Calvillo. article: ... tretch-run

This would be Sam's third year on the PR.

However he was activated for a game last year and did get some playing time. Not sure if that affects anything or not.

I believe pension eligibility requires a player to play in at least 3 regular season games. Even if Sam had 3 and was cut for good he would only get a couple hundred a month. Only longtime vets get pensions they can live off.

There are rules about PR eligibility. I don't know if Giguere will count, but I don't think a guy can be put on the PR three seasons in a row.

Here's the rule:

"Have been on the practice squad with a particular team no more than 2 prior seasons unless the team never had their active roster go below 53 players during the two years the player served on the practice squad. If that is the case, the player is eligible for a third practice squad season."

I got it off this site: ... ined-rules

The rules are very confusing.

Bo Smith and Sam Giguere were cut today. I’d rather have Bo Smith than Shivers.

IIRC, Smith does not play the same position as Shivers. Smith plays Bradley's position.

Where did you hear/read that?

More interested in getting Sam Giguere than Bo Smith.Smith sucks.

Shivers sucks too.

Different position, but yes he does.But signing a suckish player to play over another suckish player makes no sense.

One suckish player plus another suckish player equals one big suckish player

I thought only the Argos suckish?

Too bad for Sam. I guess if in his shoes you might consider the PR for a third and final year, hoping for an injury and then impressing enough in your opportunity to get a regular spot. I'll bet the odds of that happening are slim though. How guys go two or three years with one or two (or none) meaningful games and stay sharp is impressive. That's if you can stay sharp that is. I suspect your skills, timing, and intensity diminish without actual game experience. I wish him the best and given the circumstances that may very well be leaving the NFL with no regrets and starting his CFL career.

"According to Quebec news outlet CKAC Sports, the Colts have waived the pride of Sherbrooke University, Sam Giguere. Giguere has been with the Colts since 2008, but injuries and an inability to break through as a reliable special teams returner prevented him developing as a potential fifth receiver for the Colts.

Giguere also had a terrible preseason, dropping routine passes and playing uninspired football.

Note: The link is to a web article in French."

[url=] ... elease-sam[/url]

Here it is from the Toronto Globe and Mail

[url=] ... le1696475/[/url]

Giguere did catch 3 passes in the Buffalo game - for a total of 2 yards!!

If we get Giguere then it’s bye bye Bauman.

BC could become scary if they suddenly get Foley and Mallet back.

No clue how the guy even got a chance with the Jets.

Both are out right free agents.....and Foley is an Ontario boy.....the Lions don't have any rights to either one.

Foley's agent says he'll be in the NFL this year, even if it is on the practise roster.

Mallett, I guess officially a free agent by CFL standards, should feel obligated to Buono who agreed to let him out of CFL contract for a chance at the NFL, even though 2010 was not his option year.

CFL talent pool could dry up By Doug Farrar,

Special to Yahoo! Sports Canada Sep 1, 2010
[b]For agent Paul Sheehy[/b], who represents [Cameron] Wake, [Rick] Foley,

about 40 other NFL players and about a dozen CFL stars,

the loss of the “NFL window? is a problem.

“That window was an incentive for players who believed they were NFL caliber
to go up to Canada for a year, prove whatever they needed to prove,

and come back down for the NFL,? Sheehy said.

...It’s going to prevent a lot of players signing up there in the first instance.

Now, if I have to go alternative league with a player, I’ll go with the UFL,

where I know I can get the player out and signed in the current NFL season.?