NFL Cuts?

With the NFL cuts approaching, I know some CFL teams may be looming like vultures. Can someone tell me what NFL cuts in recents years has helped any CFL team during the middle our season? Would it not better to bring in somebody that attended our training camp or someone elses in the cfl? Thoughts anyone....

The reality seems to be that this years late cuts become most of the CFL off season recuiting. A lot of the late cuts get resigned to practice rosters or they wait around the rest of the season to see if there are any injuries.
When they’re still a free agent over the winter they start looking to the CFL.
But there will be a few good pickups now. Guys like Derik Armstrong of the Bombers is an example of players that will come to the CFL after September 1st.

K. Hill.
J. Lumsden.
T. Clairidge.

8) Hamilton Tiger-Cats, 1967..........Stewart "Smokey" Stover :thup: