NFL Cuts

It won't be long know and the first wave of NFL cuts will start heading north. I was watching the NFL last night and could not help but notice how big fast and strong the receivers are. Madden high-lighted one of his favorite patterns and its called a dig. the receiver drives the db hard down field about 20 - 25 yards and them breaks to a hard in. It was Irvin's favorite pattern and made him a star. The problem here in Hamilton is we dont have a starting QB who can make that throw or the o- line that will allow our receivers to get 20 yards down field. If we are going to be contenders we need a passing game that strikes fear into opposing dbs not the pop gun offense that I saw in Edmonton. I believe at half we had not completed a pass over 20 yards. Don`t be surprised to see some new faces soon.

BS - except, perhaps for the O-line.

Not sure what games you are watching but for two years now all we throw is junk underneath. One has to wonder why we can`t throw down field with any consistency. Simple math would indicate 1. qb 2. receivers 3. o-line. What has been the one constant in this group! Jason is not mobile and has an average arm at best not exactly the best combination for a CFL QB with a suspect o-line and receiving core. I think the results speak for themselves.

West-Coast Offence, not Run and Shoot. Based on ball control, balances attack of running and short, high-percentage passes.


And…as with all offenses…long passes are part of it. Maas hasn’t demonstrated an ability to throw long in 20+ games here and 3 offensive coordinators.
Theory ends on the black board and execution takes over on the field…The mind is willing…but the body??? I don’t know.
He’s improving (and he needed to). He needs to show us (and himself I think) that he has his arm back.

60-yd pass to Ralph that was about 2 steps PAST him.

I saw it....many Maas supporters (I want to be one) have already pointed this incomplete, unsuccessful long pass out as somehow being a positive sign of his ability to throw long.
I want him to do it consistently to show that his arm isn't easily fatigued. I also want him to complete one. Throwing deep is more than throwing far. You need to have a touch and accuracy. He looked laboured throwing that ball in my opinion.
Again....maybe it will come with time.

The compolaint was that he cannot throw longer than 20 yards. My post trumped that fallacy.

It's just unfortunate that you could not come up with one example of a successful long pass in order to trump it.
Your "trump" card speaks volumes as to his ability to throw deep I'm afraid.

Maas to Gardner vs Montreal.
Maas to Bauman @ BC.

Don't bother going through the whole schedule...I get your point. Mine is that he had his throwing shoulder cut open this year and hasn't proven that he has regained the strength and endurance needed. I acknowledged that it is getting better.
I'm not convinced that it is there yet...or that he or the coaches have confidence that it is. He has shown limitations. Hopefully, they have passed or will pass.

The issue is not whether Jason can throw a deep ball with loft...the question is whether he can consistently throw passes in the 15-25 yard range and hit guys on a flat plane (preferably on the dead run). There is the nub of Jason's problem, two years into the experiment.

How much gas is in your arm and how tight are your spirals are the two related concerns in getting the ball into those areas. Long balls are more involved with placement and depth.

He might have as much of a 30-yard-plus deep ball as Dickenson with time to throw, for example, but DD makes those intermediate strikes (15-25 yds) to his slots in flight. Jason isn't hitting those windows, and in a WCO-styled offense, that IS an issue.

Oski Wee Wee,