NFL cuts won't help!

I keep seeing on this site how people can't wait for the NFL to start making cuts and the ticats to sign players in hopes that they will revive this team...I don't think that a lot or any NFL cuts will be able to help this team...our biggest problem is on offensive line and if we bring in some guys from the NFL to help out it will still be just as bad...NFL offensive lineman are too big and slow for the CFL as we have already seen, we had Greg Randall and he proved he couldn't play in the faster league, we have Damion Cook who is a huge problem on the O-line, he is constantly getting holding penalties and players blowing around him because he is too big and slow.

If we go for NFL cuts at the O-line position we would still be in the same position we are in.

Our team already has enough quality recievers that we don't need to look to the NFL cuts for replacements, and our defense is getting better, all they need is for the offense to stay on the field a bit longer every series so they aren't out there for 70% of the game, with NFL cuts it wouldn't make a difference.

Once again I don't think that NFL cuts will help this team but if the cats decide to pick up some guys and they play better than the players we have already then I'm all for it.

Do not try to increase overall talent level and increase team depth, or bring in any players to push the ones we currently have. Our roster is pretty much set to compete for the cup.

Enough talented recievers? Right....

You probably aren't going to find future CFL stars amongst the NFL cuts but you can certainly upgrade your personnel by a player or two. Unless of course the NFL cut is an ex-CFL star who wanted to try his luck down south.

An Argo fan

I'm not sure an entire NFL team would be successful running three yard hitch passes on second and long.