I would make at least 4 changes on this DEFENSE for the main reason that players just arent even trying out there. They are getting out muscled by receivers, missing tackles left right and centre-

Sad to say it looks like the Lions Defense is like a SEMI PRO Defense--

I think they need to rebuild this DEFENSE-- I think they need to bring in 2 new Db's in the secondary that are BIG, STRONG, will TOUCH a receiver and can tackle.

MARSH and George are the worst starting DUO in the league. WHY IS GLOVER NOT PLAYING? He was never burned as bad as GEORGE was.

We need a younger safety- I dont think Tad Crawford is the answer--- IF he was he would have taken the job by now--

Korey Banks should be moved back to Halfback asap.

I used to think it was Wally's fault but now I know its not his fault. Wally wants to win, but he is surrounded by 2 very bad coordinators. In all honesty I dont even think Benevides could coach the Surrey RAMS defense-

Bottom line is you have 12 players on DEFENSE who are PRO's, start playing like it. It seems like we are playing with about 6 players on Defense-

The effort is just not there, the Db's dont mind if receivers catch passes on them, the schemes are all wrong-

We have to look at seriously bringing in 4 new players on Defense-

Also I think at least 2 players should be immediately CUT after the disgusting performance vs Winnipeg. Someone has to take the fall for the loss. At least then the fans know that Wally will not accept that performance.

They should of cut guys after week 2. Glatt is terrible and so is George. They sorely miss tyrone williams inside. Why did they let him loose? Mackenzie like Buono is over rated. Glover should be playing and Banks should return to HB. Offensively, Dean Valli is brutual and Simon must get the ball more frequently. JJ is still erratic out there and has really shown zero consistency this year. You loose to Hamilton and Winnipeg at home in the first half of the season. Wally, you have major problems. There`s no Dickenson Gracia or flutie to bale you out of the mess you and your staff have created.

It`s only going to get worse after the bye week!! Montreal back to back.

I hear what your trying to say prevent. And maybe Wally did overrated some of his players. But at the same time Wally needed to get this team younger. If Bouno is over rated then why did we make the Wf for 5 straight years? We had one home playoff game in the last 15 years before Wally came on board. You think Dickenson would help? Maybe to guide JJ and pierce. But he was also getting long in the tooth and was getting injured alot in the last 5 years.
When you had a team last year with over 17 players over the age of thirty you gonna have to change at some point.