NFL cuts starting

If we're getting excited about Tyler Thigpen...yikes! :o

Players who could be headed back:

Chris Williams
Marcus Thigpen
Cordarro Law

Some guys with talent who would be great for the CFL who who have return skills in the NFL but will have a hard time getting work in today's NFL:

Deji Karim
Clyde Gates

Not even close. Making a pro team, is about the school you attended, the relationship with the coaches, NFL teams don’t even look at guys age 27 and over. Then you got guys in the CFL who are 3 rd or 4th year NFL players, but by the union contract a 3 rd year player must make 1.4 million, so if your a 3 rd down back, forget it, no NFL team will sign you, they go for the 1st or 2 year guy for less money. the NFL is a league of haves and haves not.

Flutie's right.

The way the minimum salaries work in the NFL, unless an NFL player has perhaps a specialty like kicker, punter, long snapper, or gunner on special teams (nowadays less of need than before due to the reduced kicking game in the NFL), there is a heavy financial bias against retaining any players otherwise of top athletic talent who by the third and especially the fourth season are not at least solid second string.

At that point some are out of football entirely if not picked up by another team for spot duty late in the season due perhaps to heavy injuries. Or of course it's try to move on to the CFL.

In this link are the minimum NFL salaries for 2014 and subsequent years:

[url=] ... discounts/[/url]

Is there a list anywhere of guys signed out of this year's NFL training camps?

The things is when NFL coaches see a player like Chris Williams or a Dressler they see small players that may have great stats in Canada but it's doubtful they could take the heavy NFL hitting. They will see a dozen Dressler like players out there with great hands with speed and size. The fact that he had 4 seasons of 1,000 yards per season in a league with smaller players is not going to influence an NFL coach.

Well on Dressler I got it wrong and Billy Soup got it right in this post in the offseason:


Two disadvantages to a CFL receiver trying to make it in the NFL is that there is no waggle behind the line before the snap and they have to able to work around and get physical in press coverage up to five yards beyond the line of scrimmage.

If you can’t do that in the NFL in those first five yards, it makes little difference how much speed you have, how high you can leap, or how great your hands are because every single defensive back can bump you off your route and disrupt the quarterback’s progressions and timing.

I’d say Andy Fantuz’s prospects were even better, and look how that worked out.

Then you see these short and undersized guys recently all make it in the NFL for awhile if not still playing, and you have to wonder.

And Welker and Steve Smith have been stars at their position. Note that Smith is listed at 195 now, but that’s his heaviest of his career after he played at 185 or less for years.

Dexter McCluster, formerly Kansas City now Tennessee (this is the guy whom the Chiefs had in mind for replacement with Dressler but at a far lower price)
Cole Beasley, Dallas
Tavon Austin, St. Louis
Randall Cobb, Green Bay
Steve Smith, formerly Carolina now Baltimore
Wes Welker, formerly New England now Denver

Hopefully we see some quality quarterbacks coming north.