NFL cuts starting

From todays cuts

"Browns released QB Tyler Thigpen.
Thigpen is losing his roster spot to Rex Grossman. The 30-year-old completed 3-of-12 passes for 38 yards and an interception in Saturday night's preseason opener versus Detroit. Thigpen, out of the league in 2013, may be done"

Hmmm Ottawa could use him and hes young still. I wonder who owns his CFL rights

More players who don't understand the rules...thus even more penalties :roll:

A post I can agree with, there should be a time limit for CFL teams signing Internationals, say Aug 1st, The LAST thing the CFL needs to revisit is signing NFL rejects (RE Eastern division weakness) !!!

Eastern teams clearly need to keep some roster cohesion out of training camp, instead relying on NFL cuts to fill roster gaps.

It plays into anti CFL media !!

Rejecting NFL rejects must be CFL policy IMHO

This for internationals, not Nationals

They would have to scrap the PR expansion in the later parts of the season if they did this. It's pretty uncommon I think for Internationals signed after labor day to have any significant impact. In years past basically the rosters would be filled for many teams with guys being evaluated for the following year. It'll be interesting to see how the rosters are used this year with the option year now being eliminated. That might be easier to get some players to commit and may attract a different level of talent.

Surprisingly, the east teams, despite their records, haven't really been in airlift mode and are trying to get better with the groups they have. I'm a bit surprised by the lack of roster juggling overall. Most of the moves thus far have been injury related.

What I am reading dressler will be back. They call him a high school boy in a mans league. Sounds like his slow speed and dropped balls have done him in. Sheets I understand still has a chance. Inman will be staying put.

Most of the reports and roster projections on that I've read say Sheets is likely gone. He hasn't been bad but he's stuck behind McFadden and Jones-Drew and it's believed the Riders will keep younger backs at the 3rd and 4th spots on the depth chart just because.

Henoc Muamba is expected to stick with the Colts. Chris Matthews, former Bomber, is likely gone from the Seahawks. Laurent Duvernay-Tardiff is expected to stick with the Chiefs. Former stamp Cordarro Law also in tough to make the Chargers. Michael Ola and Chris Williams both projected to stick with Trestman and the Bears as well.

if a guy isn't accurate enough or have a strong enough arm to make passes in the postage stamp sized american field... why would he do any better here?

He did decent in his one year as a starter - qb is like the goalie position in hockey ..... You need to play to improve. Not suggesting he would work out in The cfl but he certainly can't be worse than what Ottawa has currently. Like Tebow before him once you've been cut that many times you either move on or move north. For Tebow I'm sure he makes more in his network job than what a starting CFL QB makes hence his moving on. For Thigpen I think he may be worth a look when you consider his stats when he played and at age 30 if he did find the touch again he still has 5-7 years left.

There hasn’t been many (if any) NFL QB’s that have stuck around the NFL for a while that have successfully transitioned to the CFL since the 80’s. Their brains seem to get stuck on American rules and style by the time they hit 25.

So if as it looks an Dressler does indeed get cut,my question is do the Riders still have his rights or is he free to sign
with the highest bidder ? or has he already stated that if he comes back to the CFL that he will only sign and play with the Riders ?
Because if it's the latter,I could see more than a few teams making an attempt to sign him,especially in the
Eastern conference where every team seems to be either hurting or severely lacking in the receiving department this year,that is of course if he is willing to move East. My guess is that he resigns with the Green Team,since he's played his whole career in Saskatchewan.

I believe he needed to be a UFA (end of contract or released) to sign with the NFL. So technically anyone could sign him. But players often seem to return to their prior team; especially if they did them a favour by releasing them to go to the NFL.

Thanks GHT :slight_smile: That's what I thought,he will most likely resign with the Riders,unless something unforeseen suddenly
happens and he surprises everyone and signs elsewhere,but I really can't see Dressler in anything but a Rider uniform.

Dresser left in good terms - the riders granted him his wish to get a head start last summer by releasing him early. If he is cut I certainly see him returning to the CFl and the Riders signing a contract for the remainder of the season and after that though he could end up anywhere. Dresser has his cup and if he's cut I don't see him getting another nfl shot - hence with nothing left to prove money may be the determining factor.

It does appear that Dressler will be an UFA if/when he returns to the CFL, and the Redblacks may be one of the eager suitors..

[b]CFL News?@CFL_News You can bet #RedBlacks will be in there ready to throw some big money Dressler's way, hoping to land him...via @TimCBaines #CFL .[/b]

Probably 90% of Import players in the CFL are NFL cuts.

this thread is so overrated.
the bc lions had 6 of their TC cuts go straight to NFL camps. Almost all of these guys, especially the first round cuts, NFL & CFL aren't interested. They can't play.
Sometimes late NFL cuts are brought in for a look, but its for next year TC not this year playing.

Most team get their FA camps, these are undrafted guys who slip the cracks.

Thigpen sucks and is not CFL material.

Right on ...dominantly players cut after games 3 or 4 in the NFL preseason are those most worthy of CFL consideration for often next season if at all.

In the case of players like Dressler and Sheets who are not working out early in the NFL preseason, they are perhaps also comparatively undersized even with their skills for the NFL in which a much smaller percentage of undersized players make teams.

The margins for promotion to rosters in either league are so tight for otherwise amazing athletes.

The NFL and the Players Union have agreed to increase the practice rosters from 8 to 10 players. 64 less players coming/available to the CFL.


Well that's good news for the Eastern Basement Division the Western Teams are all pretty solid.