I am somewhat surprised Austin - Tillman have not made an effort to find any upgrades to the D Line, specifically rush end. The NFL is comprised of 32 teams and this is week 2 since the final cuts. Certainly Austin must realize while the Defensive tackle positions may be ok with the addition of Lyndon Gaydosch, the rush end positions are inconsistent and this the min the reason the back 5 get torched because there is no pressure on the quarterback. I like to think Austin has advised Tillman to go find talent, however I don't get the sense there is any urgency to improve. Hopefully, there will be a gem or two show up shortly to improve a dismal and pathetic pass rush. What are your thoughts, are you ok with what we have?

I had this exact same conversation with a fellow TiCats fan earlier this evening.

I wouldn’t hold my breath or expect to see a BIG name or really anyone of significance arriving.

Firstly, there have been A LOT of injuries in week 1 of NFL competition. This puts rosters in flux. Late cuts are getting call-backs as we speak. Practice rosters & IR’s are getting re-juggled.

Secondly, if I was a player on the bubble, a late training camp/pre-season cut, I’d be biding my time to see how things transpire over the first couple weeks of the season.

Thirdly, if I was an an agent of such a player, I’d be advising him to bide his time.

While I’m sure that you’ll see some new names added to the expanded roster, I wouldn’t hold hope that there’ll be any that you recognize top of mind.

Everyone wants a speedster … Terrell Sinkfield is the speed guy they added recently.

Rush end … Don’t think you’ll see one. Norwood &/or Boudreaux will get released from the doghouse to take Colemans’s spot. I think Sam Scott has earned the start from his previous 2 weeks work.

DE in the CFL is very different than playing DE in NCAA or NFL. It’s really a OLB position at a BCS school or an undersized DE at a FCS school. In the NFL, it’s a OLB in a 3-4.

Already cut and our property and showing no interest state side ,CW will be back and after taking one all the way !all the bad vibes will be forgotten :rockin:

Back to the original topic - judging from the response it appears most fans are very content with the least amount of sacks in the entire league. For me that's not good enough and this tend will continue until some real talent is brought here to play.

I have brought up sack totals on this Forum and have been shot down and told pressure is good enough! Who cares about sacks! So I hear ya and agree that being last the last say three years is a disgrace

Looks like Austin is going to rearrange the deck chairs and bring Norwood on the active roster at rush end. Could be interesting because Norwood has done absolutely nothing for the past season and a half. So much for an Austin quote" Were always looking for good football players" My question is just how hard are you looking!

For what it’s worth, I heard, on a recent TSN broadcast, a comment that Orlondo Steinauer was looking to do better with the “Purolators” (meaning sack totals). They didn’t extend that quote as to how he was looking to improve the team’s standing.