NFL cuts mean a plethora of talent is available, by Schultzy

Here is a very Interesting Chris Schultz articleregarding NFL cuts, and Canadians trying to make it in the NFL.

Very insightful.

Good article and by someone who has been down the roads of pro football.

^^^ Yeah, and this talk and publicity about Jesse Lumsden (warranted or not) has made Dahrann Diedrick a forgotton man.

I'd really love to see this guy get a chance to show his stuff.

Diedrick I don't think has the speed of Lumsden, sort of a Ricky Williams type.

Actually, Diedrick has had his chance on both sides of the border but still hasn't made enough of an impression to win himself a starting RB job. It really underscores the difficulty of playing pro ball whatever the stripe. Lots of very good NCAA (and CIS) players just can't make the next level. Furthermore, anyone that thinks that a US NCAA team could beat a CFL team is deluded.

An Argo fan


There are so few pro jobs available when you consider the number of college players that have been produced.