NFL cuts incoming

We had 2 high profile xfl players cut free that haven’t signed yet …… Strevler waived

Rouke didn’t make back up QB so unless the jaqs dress a third qb he will be waived to go to practise roster ( rouke won’t clear waivers )

Who else is potentially heading North ?


Here’s one way to track the cuts.

With 2/3 of the CFL regular season over by the time any returning player is likely to play at the earliest, they are of less relevance in mid-season than a few years ago.

Rourke will end up somewhere.

If put on a practice roster, that would make Rourke fair game to go anywhere if in turn put on an active roster of another team, including as the third quarterback as afforded by the change in the rules this season.

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Two things are clear to me. If Jacksonville doesn’t find a way to protect Mr. Rourke, (fake injury, allowable 3rd stringer on roster, etc.) they’ll lose him to at least 10 (maybe more) NFL teams that would covet a man like that as a potential NFL starter.

#2 - Chris Streveler on the other hand has a definite chance of landing back in the good 'ol CFL, maybe even before Genius Sports comes out of its lengthy stats slump. Streveler rotting another year on practice rosters would render him virtually useless in years to come. He could be a solid $350,000 1B to $600,000 starter 1A in the CFL for the next 4 to 6 years, possibly more!

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anyone who thinks Rourke is coming back needs to give their head a shake


If Streveler is smart he’ll recover from his injury and get back on the NFL horse. Yes, he has the pension but where else can you make lots of money in his own home country for holding a clip board?

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At 25 with his talent Rourke will not be clearing waivers if the jags do waive him. He could be the number 2 qb on many teams and still has his best developmental years ahead of him

Streveler though has peaked in his development and peaks at #3 at the most on any nfl team. He may find a landing spot on a practice roster but any playing and in particular starting roles left for him are in the cfl.

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I don’t see a warrior like Streveler being satisfied with clipboard duty. I think he would shrivel and die without SOME playing time.

I don’t know if any team in the CFL would have him as a regular starter. Unless he improved in the NFL he is far too inconsistent a passer. He reads slow and is often just going to run it. I don’t remember how many starts he had but it wasn’t many and I don’t remember if he was able to win any

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Agreed, and also by far the better talent over Streveler who might.


Well some more cuts have been made, and here’s the link again to track the cuts through 4PM ET Tuesday 29 August.

Then watch the shuffling up of all the free agents through perhaps Labour Day.


IF Rourke comes back to the CFL, it won’t be for at least another 2-3 years.


Certainly no chance at all he comes back this year!

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For those following closely, use the link above and watch the bulk of the cuts drift in especially starting on Monday evening. For now, the following five teams have moved more quickly already with cuts.

As usual, most of us don’t know most of these guys.

Remember that in this preseason in contrast to past seasons, there is only one mandated cut date and that is the final one as noted above.

New York Giants

And now several teams, with less than 24 hours left, have made all or almost all their cuts.

These are especially the teams that stretch from Pittsburgh to Minneapolis in an area that runs across the Midwestern United States.

Add New England, Seattle and Tampa Bay (where they probably will finish up tonight to get out of there due to the approaching Hurricane Idalia, which is right on time almost every year in Florida in this week before Labour Day weekend).

The link looks like it will be updated every few hours until late at night and then resume in the morning on Tuesday 29 August until just after the deadline at 4PM ET.

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Several young nfl experience qb’s available …… dallas in particular…… really muddies the waters for landing spots

I still think Rouke sticks around as their third or gets picked up \traded …… Strevlers time in the nfl seems over

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Report: Jaguars waive Canadian QB Rourke


Totally expected. Now he’ll clear waivers and go on their practice squad and dress as their third QB as a non roster player.


If he clears they will sign him to practice roster

Im betting he wont clear

I see a few more qb’s have been released … Rouke may end up clearing after all

For the nfl a player claimed - do they have to be added to a teams 53?

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I believe they do. That seems to be the rule in all sports. You don’t need to make a waiver claim if you want to add someone to your practice roster and Rourke could join the practice roster of any team he wanted to because he is a free agent if he clears waivers. There is no reason to believe however that he would join the practice roster of any team but Jacksonville.