NFL Cuts-Food for Thought

As I wrote a few weeks ago, I don't expect any late NFL cut to make an impact on a CFL team in 2011; this being said,I nevertheless expect some of these cuts to come to the CFL for tryouts; in the next 3 weeks or so, CFL teams will be allowed to expand their practice rosters from 7 to 12 players; this measure will be in place for a month.Taking into account injuries,some of these cuts/players could still play in the CFL in 2011.

With regards to the/my Als,I am positive that we will see some late NFL cuts for tryouts; some of these players,following their tryouts, will definitely be signed for next season and beyond. With this in mind and knowing that Jim Popp brings a special attention to players with 3 to 5 years of NFL experience, I am listing some players that we could see with the Als or other CFL teams; the players with NFL experience have less chance to be signed by another team,once released by their team,sonce thy command a higher salary than a rookie,because of their experience. Like the CFL,cap issues are always a concern.We must also keep in mind that each CFL team has a negotiating list of 35 players; for this reason,while a team may want to sign a certain player,they can;t if he is on another team negotiating list. Exceptions are players who have already played in the CFL and have been cut by a NFL team and a free agents.These players can sign with any CFL team. Examples: Stevie Baggs and Richy Fo;ey in 2010.

In 2012, I expect that our defensive line wii change drastically; to me, no less than 3 import defensive linemen and as many as 5 won't be with the Als in 2012; for this reason, I paid a closer attention to releases of defensive linemen. Here are some players that I have identified; most of these players have NFL experience; some of them have 0 NFL experience but have been on a team practice squad from 1 to 3 years.

Defensive linemen:
Kentwan Balmer-DE/DT-24,6-5,315.3 years NFL experience.Former 1st round draft choice of San Francisco,in 2008
Jacob Ford-DE-28,6-4,252. 3 years NFL ex.Pure pass- rusher.6 round draft choice of Tennessee,in 2007.
Alex Hall-DE/LB-26,6-5,240. 3 years NFL ex.Solid pass-rushing abilities.7 round draft choice of Cleveland.
Anthony Hargrove-DT/DE-28,6-3,272.6 years of NFL ex.3 round choice of St-Louis,in 2004. Hope he is on our neg.list!
George Johnson-DE-23,6-4,265.0 NFL ex.In 51 games at Rutgers had 134 tackles and 13 sacks.
Aaron Maybin-DE/LB-23,6-4,228. 2 years NFL ex.1st round choice of Buffalo,in 2009. In 26 games at Penn State had 61 tackles and 16 sacks. A few weeks ago,he was on the neg.list of Winnipeg.
Lorenzo Washington-DE-24,6-4,296. 0 NFL ex.
Chris Wilson-DE/LB-29,6-4,247.4 years of NFL ex.Played with BC in 2005 and 2006.Free agent! If playing in the CFL,in 2011, could be Saskatchewan. Hope that we will sign him.
Vernon Gholston-LB-25,6-3,262. 3 years NFL ex.1st round choice of the Jets,in 2008. In 34 games at Ohio State had 87 tackles and 22 sacks.
Joey LaRocque-LB-25,6-2,228.1 year NFL ex.Lacks ideal size for NFL.Ideal for CFL. In 27 games at Oregon State had 184 tackles; almost an average of 7 a game.-6.8 to be exact- Surelt hope to see him in Montreal.
Defensive backs:
Zac Etheridge-S-23,6-0,210. 0 NFL ex.In 50 games at Auburn had 261 tackles.
DJ Johnson-CB-25,6-1,191. 2 years NFL ex.
Ryan Jones-CB- 23,5-11,195. 0 NFL ex.In 56 games at Northwest Mo.State had 199 tackles and 14 interceptions
Felton Huggins-WR-28,6-2,195. 0 NFL ex.Was briefly on Als practice roster,in 2009. Was signed by the Bills and added to practice squad.

While none of these players could come to Montreal,I surely hope that some will; it may be the 2011-2012 off-season before we hear from some of them.

Let's dream/hope!


Very interesting list, thanks for posting this Richard.

One difference this year for all CFL teams in their recruiting is the fact American players have to commit (i.e. give up their NFL dreams) for 2 years. The new collective bargaining agreement no longer permits the option year window of opportunity that for example Fantusz had to try the NFL.

Jim Popp has stated that it has made recruiting more difficult. But perhaps it is easier to recruit players who have already had their taste of the NFL.

I am posting an interesting article on what is involved in handling the 35 player neg. list:

[url=] ... labour-day[/url]

Starting this week and for a period of 4 weeks,CFL teams can expand their practice rosters from 7 up to 12 players.

Hamilton has added,amongst others, Ryan Jones CB,whom I had listed in possible NFL cuts that could come to the CFL.


The Als have added 3 players to their practice roster:
Donte Davis-WR,5.10, 185 and 23 years old.
Rayshaun Kizer-DB,5.10,193 and 26 years old. I think that he was in training camp,a few years back.
James Morehead-DT,6,06,324 and 24 years old.


Rayshaun Kizer.....wasn't he a s**t disturber and we released him a few years ago? Actually watching his higlights on youtube he looks to have had a pretty good arena football league career. Morehead also rings a bell, could he of been on our practice roster before?

s**t disturber - Is that an offensive or defensive position? :smiley:

Haha good one! For real i remember him having beef with a coach or something and missing practice.

He played for us in 2008.


Als also added Michaux Robinson a couple weeks ago. Also from the Arena league. Jim goes to the AFL a lot for DB’s
Brown, Parker, now Robinson and Kizer…

Not to mention quarterbacks


The Als have added 2 players to their practice roster; they are:

Brennan Marion-WR,6.01,185 and 24 years old.
Jonathan Woods-MLB or OLB,6.00,245 and 24 years old.

Of all the "new" players signed to the practice roster, the one that could play in 2011 is Rayshaun Kizer; hence,since Dwight Anderson should miss the next 3 to 4 games, Kizer could play; my assumption is based on the fact that he played in 10 games in 2008,including 6 as a starter; the main reason why he was released,on October 7,2008, was due to stupid roughing penalties; since then, he must have gained some maturity. This season,with the Orlando Predators of the AFL,he had a team high 108 tackles,3 defensive touchdowns and 16 interceptions. Let's play him instead of Greg Laybourn.