NFL cuts are there any DB's that could help Bombers-replace Carmichael?

who could be available soon??

With 30 NFL teams there should be at least 60 DBs released next 10 days or so.

Carmichael's problem is unique. He's a poor tackler with inferior coverage skills - particularly failing to out-compete for jump balls. With O'Shea's old lean to loyalty Carmichael should be safe for at least two weeks - even if the bombers bring in a solid NFL cut (or 2)

Other possibility is going after the bad guy, Hill. But O'Shea, Walters & Miller like community-oriented guys. Trash like Hill, no matter how good they are on the field are often shunned by the Bombers.

I'd also be interested in taking an early run at Nic Demski NOW. Toronto just lost Coombes to an apparent long-term injury today. . . . . I'm sure they'll try to dangle a neg-list oractive roster choice to Sask'n for Demski, who's not being used much right now!

Don't know what bombers can offer Sask'n right now but we should really take that early run at Demski - all with Richards finally confessing to being a fraud, Feoli-Guardino looking to be concussed. Looks like its Matt Coates & Wolitarski vs. world in bomberland - Dressler still a couple weeks away (at least). Demski would be an super fan favourite in Winnipeg - the team that should have got him a couple years ago but ended up with that injured freak Richards instead.

They seem committed to making Carmichael work for some reason. They've tried him at SAM, half, and corner. They cut Bruce Johnson in favour of keeping him. I don't get it. There will be some additions from the cuts but I wouldn't expect any big changes soon.

My ideal scenario - Kevin Fogg gets more work on D. Alexander gets healthy and takes the corner spot back from Carmichael. Walker is learning on the job but has played well, has good speed, and likes to throw punishing hits so he stays. That leaves Carmichael as the odd man out IMO. I just imagine any scenario where you start Carmichael ahead of those two based on performance.

Even washed up Cousin Brucie Johnson is a better roster decision than Carmichael. . . . . but neither are going to inflict terror on opponents!

......Demski would be nice but I think we'll wait till fa for his services...He'd be a natural back home....I see the Esks. are getting a little nervous and have given Ham. a second rounder for Chick...Injuries catching up with the schmoes....I wonder if any other Ham. players might want to leave that sinking ship (or has it finally sunk...sorry bobo)...Laurent would be a nice addition to the middle and put Hurl on notice...Can't really see the Cats being that silly...but ya never know..

Bombers could offer Hammy 1st round pick plus Dominque Davis and they ain’t gettin’ Teddy Laurent from Hamilton.
But they could trade for Nic Demski now - vs. waiting for free agency. If someone else pulls a “Mike Reilly” and trades for his rights they’ll have first opportunity to re-up Nic for 2 or 3 more seasons.
So why not the bombers? CJ Horky would probably take a 2nd round draft pick plus a good roster or practice roster player for him. With Feoli Guardino down with concussion issues, Dressler out indefinitely (6-gamed) and Matt Coates a game but under-speeded reserve - Demski would be the ideal player to put into Plop’s possession offense. Let alone all the sentimental Winnipeg & Manitoba Bisons stuff!

......I think Lyle that you're forgetting that Nic is from here...He's often said, as Harris has, that his dream was to play for the BluenGold...Giving up valuable picks wouldn't be necessary (every time I see picks mentioned and trade it conjures up images of the napkin guy, no thanx)...Demski will wait for us and we'll be patient...(see Labatt heading home)..It means a lot to players to play in front of their home town fans and I'm sure we'll match anybody else's offer....I have to agree he'll be a nice piece to the puzzle for Lapo and he'd be would Nic....I see Laurent is on the 6 game...Must have been nic'd last game...So much for my thought on Ted..and you're right he probably won't be going anywhere anytime soon in any event, although I'm sure he'd luv a Cup run.. :wink:

If bombers could acquire a healthy Teddy Laurent, most concerns about KK Knox & Hurl would dissipate. Laurent is a true monster at DT, if our current guys are 7 and 7.5 on the 10 pt. scale - Teddy is either an 8.0 or 8.5, when he's going full steam he's a 9.

Yes, Demski said he'd love to be a bomber after his obligation to the riders expires. But strategically we NEED HIM NOW - not next season. With Ryan Smith retired, Mr. Dressup in sick bay, Richards fleeing to retirement, Feoli-Guadino concussed we need an experienced, if not often spectacular slotback NOW, not in 8 months!

I'd gladly give Horky our 2nd round draft pick plus Invisible Man Carmichael for Demski.

......The Roc has been crushed and Loffler won't play..Jones in for Loff...Fogg and Alexander draw in...I thought Loffler was nic'd the game before last and was surprised to see him play against the Esks...Has caught up I guess ...Jones is a good replacement and Alexander and Fogg have been around for awhile, so nothing to be too concerned about...Always nice to have Loffler keeping all those receivers and backs honest BUT Jones isn't exactly a cream puff....

Coach Smelling Salts was spewing about Loffler no doubt will play this week vs. Montreal.

I think that's just part of the O'Shea allure - he's always behind his players, so even if he knows a guy is down for a week (or more) he's still touting him as his starter.

Loffler was obviously nicked up a bit vs. Edmonton - he's always had nicks during his career (both CIS & CFL) and was couching his fierce tackling threat by diving into turf (textbook Rok Carmichael) and watching guys catch bombs.

My sense is the Blew stand pat.

The Edmo game hurry up O was a clear show of a team thats arrived. Just that ability earned them four x TMM penalties...don't think MOS will mess with new guys, he's loyal to a fault and clearly proud of this bunch. Coach's show on CJOB tonight will be very interesting.

The Db's seem to be close to "plug and play", the O line must all have their braces done up tight, no nicks there, thats making a big dif, the Teams keep getting smarter, look for some new stunts on our punt team, Medlock's working on some punt ball moves that will show up soon.

Double RB's, two big N WR's, two bigger on the Pr and soon to surface...don't see much wrong with this crew.

MOS, PLOP, Buck getting smarter, Teams coach not loosing any battles, hell even WAD's looking good in his new muffin top game day rags.

Next four goes Montreal in Montreal, Sask in Sask, Sask at home, Bi, Red blacks at home....these guys COULD be in fine shape come October. That Sask in Sask will be a huge test, Riders getting better fast.

Who would have guessed.

.....Speculation that Derrell Walker won't make it down south....Oh boy....would I like to see this guy in Blue n Gold......He was with the Esks. but I believe he's an fa coming back to the CFL as was McDuffie....Lapo would go bananas if Walters could get this guy on a contract....He would complete a very good receiving corps...Hasn't been cut yet but IF he is I hope we express a lot of interest

Haven't read much on Geoff Gray's time in Green Bay - other than the scouts drooling over his vertical back at the bomber expo.

He won't be a starter - to be sure. But I suspect GB will keep the kid around - to see what comes of his development under solid tutelage . . . . might not even make the opening day 53 but hanging around on the extended practice roster (aka taxi squad) will probably yield slightly more than whatever the bombers could offer the big boy!

For the record Papa - I know Wad's tailor (over at Mr. Big & Small). Those pants around a 48' waist, 20" length.

Big and dimensions don't seem to be anything like his playing days...or are they......Just seen the game day roster for the Als. game...I guess a few players have recovered quite quickly or Mike O was throwing a few curve balls...Walker and Conteh out.....Ogopogo and Alexander in...I'm glad Loffler can play but Jones backing him up will ensure we have a solid guy in the secondary IF he gets pulled early...I'm surprised Feoli-Gudino is a go....thought for sure he'd be scratched...Just goes to show ya...always wait till the game day roster is released...

Feoli-Guadino was listed with a lower body injury - nice way of the bombers changing the subject for what was perhaps a late-hit concussion!

Fortunately for Miller's tailor the guy was around during the halcyon era of all-star (Al Tomko) wrestling in Winnipeg.

Wadzilla is a composite of Bullinski's torso mounted on Little Beaver's legs!

Wad is rapidly moving into Crybaby Cannon territory as far as his torso!

Picked up some Blue and Gold Wad designed muffin tops. Ate them before I could get an autograph...