NFL cutdown day

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If Singleton returns to the CFL, it will be in Hamilton.

Does Calgary go after Singleton, with Greenwood playing so well for them at MLB? I say no.

Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Montreal already have expensive, proven MLB’s, so Singleton isn’t going to any of those teams.

Why would Singleton sign with BC, Toronto, or Ottawa…all teams guaranteed to miss the playoffs?

Tuggle has played ok here, and seems well liked in the locker room, but Singleton is a better player, IMO.

I say we sign him within three weeks.

Man, I hope you’re right, but that it doesn’t take that long

A more likely scenario is he signs on an NFL practice roster at much more than any CFL team could pay him as a starting MLB. Economics sometimes do suck. :frowning:

NFL Practice roster players make $8K - US a week, That is the minimum. They can make more
He could make more in the CFL($220K - Cnd) and be a starter :-\

I would bet that CAL signs him if he wants to go there. A quick browse through the various defensive stats indicate that they can use him. They got room for improvement.

Most PR players make about 150k US for the season, with exchange 200k Canadian.

More importantly, 1 year towards NFL pension.

Adding Singleton would make the Cats the best D in the league…go get him.

Appears as if all CFL players that were trying out down south this year did not catch on.

Proves that the talent level in the NFL is vastly superior and that these players were in the right place in the first place.

Or shows management wants to give a chance to the players that they scouted and drafted instead of looking bad by cutting them and airlifting in players from the CFL.

Singleton makes 15 tackles in a game yet isn’t able to stick as a backup/STplayer???

Actually, Crash, they don’t get pension credit unless on the active roster for at least 6 weeks…

LB from Saskatchewan, Equavoen, made Miami’s 53-man roster…

Zero chance of that happening on a CFL roster.

I believe it’s 3 games, for 3 years.

Standout linebacker Alex Singleton has accepted a practice roster spot with the Philadelphia Eagles.
Singleton consistently graded out as one of the Eagles’ best defenders in the preseason, recording 28 tackles in four preseason games.The 25-year-old was waived as part of the team’s final training camp cuts. He passed through unclaimed which allowed Philadelphia to add Singleton to the practice roster.
The former Stampeder signed with the Eagles after three seasons in Calgary, recording 311 tackles, six forced fumbles, four sacks, and one interception in 54 regular season CFL games.