NFL cutdown day

The NFL cutdown day is Saturday Aug 31st @ 4pm EST

NFL teams must cutdown from 90 players to a 56 man roster

The Ticats should have a load of cap space to bring in some quality players.

Heard good things about Sinkfield.


as for imports, what do we need?

D-Line we are covered

O-Line, could use a prospect

MLB, yes please

DBs one to add to practice roster because coach O loves his DBs

Receivers, we are good

QB, sure. Why not?

Low need for the Air Lift of players at this time.

I agree that we need an MLB or two badly. QB and another running back.

Ya know Gerry, this might be the only time that I partially agree with you. :o We definitely could use a back-up running back on the practice roster in case Marshall gets injured.

Alex Singleton and Duke Williams could certainly help us

If Singleton comes available, which is highly unlikely, there will be several clubs in the running for his services & I would hope we’d be one of them. Same with Williams.

Sadly, he doesn’t play enough to get injured. :wink:

You’d think Masoli’s salary is available against the cap.

Same with Westerman.

True. We could afford Ricky Ray.

Nate Peterman. He’s probably on his last chance in the NFL.

Still young and could pick up our schemes quickly.

Here is a list courtesy of of all of the current players with CFL connections that are currently on NFL rosters who might become available after cut down day on Saturday . There are 3 former Ti-Cats on the list in Erik Harris(Oak) , Terrell Sinkfield(NYG) and Brett Maher(Dal) but I would think it highly unlikely that any of them will be coming back to Hamilton anytime soon .

Harris and Maher are pretty much assured of locking up roster spots with their prospective teams and as for Sinkfield ? well after last years debacle in his return , I really don’t think that there will be much interest on either side this year for a 3rd go around in Hamilton for Sink .

Masoli injury freed up some cap space ! Go shopping!$

Oct. 2019 : “The Ray and Glenn two QB system isnt working. P.S. why isnt Condell using Duke Williams more ? I miss June Jones.”

Looks like AS is carving out a niche for himself in the NFL

Let the record show that it goes both ways - as many regulars already knew but occasional visitors may forget. There are no innocent victims in this ongoing saga.

(Also, this post will live on in my quote regardless of any future edits.)


Starting to fully suck the life from this forum.

You do know that Edith Bunker was the sane, kind one in All in the Family ?

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