NFL cutdown day Sat @4:00pm

By tomorrow at 4PM all NFL teams must reduce their rosters from 75 to 53.

That is 22 players from each of the 32 NFL teams becoming available tomorrow!
704 late cuts up for grabs, of course there will be some players placed on Injured reserve and Practice rosters.
But really, there will be some excellent players becoming available to the League starting tomorrow!

Has there ever been a NFL cut, that hasn't had CFL experience, ever make an impact coming north to play?

Good question. I dont know is my answer but if there was id bet he was either a RB or OL likely a RB since the NFL hoards OL.

Its the easiest position in the cfl imo. Providing you enjoy pass blocking and not running the ball (esp here :x )

That question makes no sense...

Detroit Lions cut QB Kellen More who was on the Ticats Neg List today .

[url=] ... in/8995666[/url]

Tim Tebow was cut by the Eagles His right Belong to Montreal

[url=] ... tim-tebow/[/url]

RB George Winn released From Lions

[url=] ... n-released[/url]

He could be Opation for Hamilton He’s good Power back who can block and play the Teams

Oh no not more Tebow to MTL talks !

Given that hes morally corrupt ie a christian. He probably wouldnt play for a team that hired a gay.

Id take a chance on Tebow if he converted to fb/rb or TE. Hes a big dude that can run!

Uh What? You might want to retract that.

Do you need me to use smaller words?

Nah im good thanks.


You and I have "agreed to disagree" before. However, this falls to the level of what is often considered to be "hate speech".
Do you really want to say such things on this board? Are you angry about something or somebody in particular and you take it out on an entire subgroup in particular?

Now maybe you are actually a competent ethicist. Perhaps you have a moral analysis to bring to back this up through a link to a board where that might happen to be appropriate subject matter. We can talk about it on a comment board there. I teach ethics and I'd love the discussion.

Lacking this, I just feel sorry for you- plain sorry. Seriously.


Hi Mark

Maybe im confused on what hate speech is but isnt this how religions get themselves protected. Claim to be offended by something someone says, we create pc bs laws, claiming im a islamaphobe or christianaphobe lol.

Anyways this is way off topic but i stand by my original comment. A good christian is a very immoral one but its not their fault i blame their parents for drilling that sh*t into them at such a young age.


Um, yeah, pretty much every American-born player.

For anyone surprised by some of the former #CFL players cut down south, read this by @johncurschel

I love coming on these forums.

I now know that Christians are morally corrupt. :roll:

Ah, the ignorance.

Good read. They sure do love protecting their draft picks (until the next draft of course) and why not, releasing draft picks because they are not good enough is a good way to get yourself fired.

uh no..considering just about all the imports were either cut..released..or unsigned ..or not even considered (not drafted) by the NFL

now if your just talking these 3rd and 4th string players that were cut maybe i dont follow players that closely but there has been ALOT of American players that have not had any CFL experience come up there and make impacts

I don't believe that what you wrote was at all "hate speech." I also agree that you have the right to say what ever you want, even if it is offencive. But, three things:

  1. you should check your knowledge of "religions get themselves protected." Religion, and the right for religious expression, is constitutional. There is no reason for it to be "protected" as it cannot be removed. I am with you on the overreaching and blatant censorship that the politically correct thought police engage in.

  2. just because you can say what you want, doesn't always mean you should. This is a football forum and, although discussion often gets heated, it is generally not mean spirited at a base level. I personally do not follow any particular religion. I do, however have a deep respect for those who do, and I was suggesting that you retract your statement as your comments are directed at what is/could be a base, core tenet of a person's self, and I do not think you intended to suggest that those folks are somehow flawed because you do not like their beliefs. Rev Clark is a quality poster of good football insight and knowledge. He (I'm guessing Rev. Clark is a he) is a passionate football fan, just like you. Why would you want to alienate yourself from someone who has an interest in the same game, and the same league and the same team as you do, just because outside of football, he is a person of faith? It makes no sense. It is an attack on a person's deep personal belief, and therefore an attack on their core as a person. It's about as rational as saying "I can't respect that person because, outside of football, they are a hairdresser, or like baseball, or like old movies. My suggestion that you retract your statement was a favour to you. I hope you will abide by it.

  3. you should read up on Christianity and it's core philosophies before you make statements such as you have (or, the basis of most religions for that matter). By presenting your position as you have, you have made yourself appear oafish. I for one do not believe that you are so close minded and unitary in thought that what you have posted is what you really believe. Your smart, intelligent input on matters of football lead me to believe you are smarter than that.

I hope Coach A and Scout T look at some of the RB talent from the no fun league cuts. The other teams are definitely upgrading and bringing in other players. :cowboy:

Great response to a very off topic post by Ryan. Reading his posts over the last little while it seems to me like he thinks he's funny and I ignore responding to his ill thought out comments. Most are not funny and a little childish in nature.
Thanks for such a well thought out response not often read on this forum.