NFL cutdown day is Saturday
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By Saturday, 32 NFL teams will release roughly 37 players per team - 1,184 lost jobs. Up to 320 back to practice squad. But no more for 864.

Cut Zack ASAP to free up Cap Ex ! Classic Austin Mafia move ??

Lets spend our Chick $$$ on a shiny new toy!!
Hoping for a 2 year deal with a certain WR turned DB Sinkfield. Our new triple threat. WR-DB-KR

CFL Christmas is almost upon us! Lots 'o presents for all the good scouts. ::slight_smile:

most nfl players are not going to be able to help teams. most nfl players cant play in the CFL.

the cut down day is important for CFL teams wanting to add to PR spots and more importantly. CFL teams are wanting former CFL players who may be cut back on their teams.

Derrell Walker, Deon Lacey, Bighill, Grymes.

While i disagree with the statement above ..

Its amazing how many contradictions one can put into a single post

i agree but its true. most dont understand the game to know this.

most nfl players are not good enough to play in the CFL. so giving spots to players to add depth to PR is a not big deal. usually sets things up for teams for the off-season.

only thing of interest are former CFLers like the ones mentioned.

Just ignore him and he may go away.

After this week, a greater percentage of NFL cuts, compared to most years, will have heard of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. But if any get interest from the TCs, and any other CFL team at the same time, do you think we'll see them here?

Do you think players who have come through big-time NCAA football programs similar to Baylor would be in any way shocked at the allegations made there? The big three: God, Family, Football, and not always in that order.

Interesting thought. The any publicity is good publicity may ring true.

Rather than starting a new thread, this looks like a good place to throw in this informative report on players who might return, or come, to the CFL:

Actually, a few positions transfer over well. A receiver is a receiver, and if they have trouble getting used to the waggle, start them as one of the ends. A running back is a running back. Sure, they might have to get used to having more room to get around the corner, but that isn't usually a problem. Punt returners just have to get used to having to make a play on the ball every time, which most of them probably would prefer anyway. And then there's the tweener linebacker who could convert to a DE up here, although that's not quite as simple.

And a few weeks is usually all it takes elsewhere for the rest of them. Otherwise, how are all these American rookies able to break into the CFL? Sure, ex-CFL players are an easier fit, but not the only players that teams try to pick up.