NFL Cut Deadline & Giguere

Habman you got the Tindale story wrong.

He was one year on the Buffalo practice roster and then two years on the regular roster.

He made some nice runs for Buffalo and was a good special teams player.

He was actually featured as a special teams player in some NFL films.

Never played or tried out for the Ticats.

Ended his career I believe by signing with Chicago and by that time his knee was toast and he had to retire.

Yes that's true - 3 years of practice roster in the NFL equals 20 seasons in the CFL
He's laughing all the way to the bank!!

Minimum salary for an NFL player with 0 years of experience is 275,000, but that is for players on the active roster. Practice squadders make much less, closer to 80-90,000. That's still pretty good compared to the CFL, but not quite the lottery win some are claiming. Also, you only get pension credit for games played, so spending two years on the practice squad without being activated does not get you closer to an NFL pension.

PR players make about 80,000, but I've heard salaries around 70,000. If he came up here and played well he could maybe make double that, while actually playing.

The Colts waived eighteen players Sam is one of them, some colts fans think he may not make the PR so hes not out of the woods yet.

I stand corrected! It's the rookies that make the minimum of around $300,000
Giguere would make around $80,000 a year, a lot more than a starter in the CFL

A very good reciever in the CFL makes much more than $80 ,000 believe me . You need at least 1 or 2 Canadian recievers to start in the CFL . To get them you have to pay , Cahoon , Fantuz ect they dont come cheap . And like i said they are actually playing the game not just being used to run the next opponents offence at practice .

 I wish Gigure luck down their but myself I think he is wasting his time . There is no sure thing that if he came up here that he would start anyways but I`m sure they would give him a good shot at knocking either Bauman or Stalla out of the starting lineup . But he has to be here to play so we will have to wait and see what happens .

Corey Mace has been re-signed to the buffalo practice squad.

Maybe some fact checking would help your arguments here.

Giguere has officially been signed to the practice squad

Lousy deal for us.

why would Dorsey what to go back to Toronto?
I'm not saying he wont but there will be a few teams interested in him and they will all be a lot better that Toronto.

He is contractually bound to the Argos as being on the option year of his contract.