NFL Cut Deadline & Giguere

4 o'clock this afternoon (Sat. Sept. 5th) is the deadline for NFL teams to name their rosters for the start of the season.

The Editor of made his final predictions yesterday and did not include Samuel Giguere's name. Of course, even if he's right, Giguere is still a good candidate for another year on the Colts' PR.

He'll be on the Practice Roster

looks like Cameron Wake and Stefan Logan made their repective teams

Sam Giguere has been assigned to the practice roster for a second year.

Congats to both

Interesting cuts so far Jamal Lee, Corey Mace and Dominic Dorsey

Did Giguere make it?

As I Said He would be viewtopic.php?f=5&t=44673

He made the practice Roster

What about Corey Mace & Dominque Dorsey ???


We no Dorsey should be black in Double blue by next week Too Late Help the Argos

Dominique Dorsey was a free agent this year.. He can sign with anyone


The 2009 Canadian Football League free agency period officially opened at 12:01am ET on Monday, February 16. Below is a list of players who became CFL Free Agents. Each player's status is listed in the far right column.

Adam Rita has already been in touch with Dorsey long before today's NFL cut down date. He'll be back in TO asap.

An Argo-Cat fan

Dorsey could also be added to someone's practise roster.

He'll pass through waiver's and take some NFL offer's before coming back to the CFL. Not gunna happen overnight. His release was just a tiny step into getting him back in T.O.

I know Giguere will take the offer to be on the practice roster because of the money and because he thinks he can play in the NFL but how long does an athlete wait ??

There is only so many years in your carreer , so many years to make a name for yourself . How long does a guy sit around and hope ?? Myself , if i was confident in my skills , i would want to play !!! The money is intoxicating no doubt , but if you are a good player in Canada and you are Canadian you can parlay those skills into good money and have a carreer in tv after you finish playing . 

Does the name Tim Tindale ring a bell to anyone ?? He had a great carreer at Western , was on the Buffalo practice roster . But thats it , he played briefly in Hamilton and im not sure if he played anywhere else or not . But that s my point , he made some money and thats a good thing but what would he of done if he came here and played some football ?? What would his CFL carreer been like ??

Why would any player come to Canada I think 99% of the athletes out there whose life is football would disagree with you 100% and probably most fans. Money as there is this thing called a pension in the NFL that CFL doesn't have sure you can come up here make a name for yourself but after its all said and done you make a pretty crappy salary by pro sport standards no pension and nothing to show for it except maybe a small time name in Canada. I for one would rather be set for life after 4 seasons on a practice roster than play up here and have my body take a beating and have to work a second job in the offseason to make ends meet. This is their career and life now its like asking you to leave you job and take huge paycut and no pension plan, but hey you get a name with this new place noone does that stuffing willingly.

The Problem with that idea is most players don't make it to that year 4.
You can keep a Player on the Practice Roster 3 Years max
That 4 year he has to make the Team or start over
Starting over on another Practice Roster is nearly Impossable
Here is why cause Most NFL Teams don't want pay that Pennsion or Vet money for a Practice Guy .
The Player is Hoping to get that 4th Year to get the Penntion. that what Mace has tried to do .

Why keep a 4th year guy when you can bring in a Collage guy and pay him Peanuts

He will make more on the practice roster in the NFL than most players will make in a lifetime in the CFL.

I think the practice roster will pay him around $333,000 a year X 3 years = $1million US
Excellent money if you can get it, no stress, no hard work or hits!! give me them peanuts any day!!

It would take the average CFL player 20 YEARS to make the same amount $50,000 x 20 years = $1m cdn