NFL Conference Finals Game Thread

I've noticed that often different threads are used when following games, especially NFL games. So I thought I would start this thread for anyone who wishes to follow/discuss today’s games. First up Cincy at KC starting in about an hour. Let’s hope today’s games are as competitive as last week’s games.


I had the NFL Network Channel on earlier, had to turn it off....everyone's yelling! It's like they've been told to be as hyper as possible...too much for a Sunday morning!
Don't care much about this 1st game, but I would like to see the Bengals take down the Cheifs.


I’m not into the pre game hype but plan on watching both games. I am guessing that neither game will be particularly close (KC and Rams will dominate) but I hope I’m wrong. Would love to see the Bengals win but not counting on it. None of the teams left are my team so just looking for entertaining games.


I've got no skin in these games,
I will be my homer logo and take the home teams!
KC and LAR


Just hoping for a couple of good games that will come close to last weekend's games.

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Ouch. Not the start Cincy needed.

Impressive opening drive by KC, 7-0

Bored with it already, switched to Team Canada soccer in Hamilton!
1-0 :canada:

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Good to hear that Canada up but switching to soccer wouldn’t make me any less bored.

Cincy needs a TD every time they touch the ball plus needs to force a couple of turnovers. The only narrative in which that will happen starts with Once Upon a Time…

14-3 and first and 10 for KC.

I’m thinking if this game was a year from now, after Burrow leads the league in passing, that it would be more of a fight.

21-3 KC, 5 min left in half

Touchdown Bengals! 21-10 with 1:05 left in the half. Let’s see, 1:05 divided by :13…

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Big stop on the last play of the half to give Cincy some hope, although KC gets the ball to start the second half. 21-10 KC. Could have been worse.

Ya, a foolish play to go on 4th down and not take the FG,
Points left on the field are always costly !


2-0 Canada :canada: final



Great. I watched it at the half. Saw Canada miss two close in chances that looked like a sure goal. Looks like they should take this one!

The football game is getting more interesting. Hardman and Hill arguing on the sidelines. Only 4 penalties though first 40 minutes.

Mahomes throws an INT

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It’s getting interesting.

TD Chase

It’s a shooting match. Who knew?