NFL Commrntators are Terrible.

On both TD kick returns... Al Micheals announce that the returner has crossed centre field, when thereturner was already 30 yards past centre field...
Collinsworth sound like a country yokle...."He did a barrel role, yuk yuk"
They are still better then Rod"oh my goodness" Black.. but worse then TSN's other three main commentators.

Michaels was somewhat off last night for sure, but otherwise he is excellent and better than any CFL commentator that I have heard.

TSN needs a guy for the CFL who can be like Don Cherry for the NHL.

Otherwise I agree with you on that Collinsworth who is just plain annoying, but sometimes he comes up with something smart to say about the receivers.

Id take Cuthbert over any American broadcaster… Could they make the game sound any more boring

I'd say Collinsworth has really come around for once this season.

Everyone is pretty good nowadays it seems except for Mike Tirico.

So much talent out there, and ESPN seriously flops with him in the lead as Gruden saves Monday Night Football as trails Sunday Night Football for ratings.

Lest you think it is about the night of the week, only a few years ago the situation was opposite when ESPN had Sunday Night Football.

Anything ESPN touches is guaranteed to be screwed up.

TSN needs a guy for the CFL who can be like Don Cherry for the NHL

No they don’t, what do you want someone saying that the players should go back to old days when they didn’t wear helmets and someone who sounds like a complete dork? That’s Don Cherry but I will admit, a lot of Canadians love him because a lot of people here are dorkey. :smiley:

Cuthbert is the best anywhere, any country. Completely agree Bombs. :thup: