NFL Commish " no expansion right now"

Right from the NFL Commish. , mouth.

The Bills series in T.O. was the final nail in the coffin :thup:

What an epic failure that was. Nice to see Rogers making such great investments with the money they extort from people via phone/cable/internet bills.

See the NFL to LA Positive Progress Thread.

Basically the Commissioner stated also at the same interview that the league does not desire to move any teams.

Note in the meantime though the trouble they are having as I type in Minnesota in getting a stadium deal despite three proposals.

What Goodell did not discuss, though supports fully, is an 18-game season for the NFL such that the league wishes to incorporate a schedule expansion whenever the league should decide to expand to LA with not one but two teams in consideration.

No one is aware of any other credible movement in the US for new teams, and as far as "issues to be worked out" as cited by Goodell, two of them are the condition of the stadia in Oakland and in San Diego as San Francisco is constructing a new stadium for 2014.

Another one of the issues is the woeful fiscal condition of the State of California as has been the case for at least 10 years now.

NFL is T.O…

R.I.P. :thup: :rockin: