Hi Everyone

Just watching Giants v Dolphins LIVE from London UK WHAT A PILE OF C--P

Interesting they interviewed the comm of the NFL during the 3rd qtr on TV Who said that the NFL major target markets for expansion are and i quote UK/Mexico/Canada/Japan

After this pile of rubbish tonight they will be lucky to get a man and a dog next time round


Poor show again

I looked up newspapers in England they were todays papers. I only found 1 story on that game there today and it was about sports going global and talked about India and China nothing about the game.

Yeah, its too bad that a lot of those people were introduced to the game with a crap game like that...

You'd think for over a billion bucks they could have made a retractable roof for this stadium. It's not like England is known for it's sunshine all the time. But otherwise looks like a gorgeous stadium but the stands are fairly far away for an NFL field I guess because a soccer field is so much bigger.

One minute and 50 seconds left in the game and able to run the clock out with no plays. Crap 4 down 40 second football. 3 down 20 seconds isn't perfect but I'll take it over the 4 down 40 second 9 times out of 10.

Earl, ain't it 45 seconds?

I'm pretty sure they tried reducing it a while ago during preseason, and teams and coachs complained they didn't have enough time inbetween plays.

Only thing was it $ucked that they tore the new field up lol

Maybe LB, I'll have to look it up.

One thing the NFL might want to consider is in the last 2 minutes of the game, the time clock doesn't start until the ball is put into play so teams can't run the clock down and waste 2 minutes with no plays.

They should decide to send some good teams over when they are showcasing their league to a new place.

When they went to Mexico to play a couple years ago it was two of the worst teams again, San Fran and Arizona. Just a hunch, but I think people get more excited when they see quality teams playing.

I know the Giants aren’t a terrible team, but the Dolphins are.

In fairness though, Dust, they had the schedule set before we found out how bad Miami is