nfl coming to toronto

If the Nfl comes to toronto in about 5-7 years,that would fold the cfl.

What does everybody else think

Never going to happen , next question.

i think it is, new commissioner in the nfl, he wants 4 more teams by 2017, i bet toronto and vancouver each get a LA and oregon.

(Pennw, I’ll save you the trouble!)

Never going to happen. Next question.
And Vancouver in the NFL is even more implausible than Toronto.

You guy's have to much of a closed mind it is heading that way, there is no way mexico is going to get one because of the altiude, and canada is only 2-3 hours from the border, the commisoner has said a few times know that the nfl has to expand around the world, they are not going to eruope, to far but they will be playing some league games there. I bet that if toronto get one, Vancouver will be right behind because there will be some multi billon air that will step up and bulid a stadium,and when yht NFL See how succeful Toronto is,Vancouver will be the next spot, and by then Vancouver will have close or even more than 3 millon people,(that would be in the year 2017).Our city is on of the fastes growing citys in the world and with the olympics coming here that would not hurt either.

So face facts everybody the cfl will not be here coming the year of 2018. Vancouver will have a NFL Francise.By then Toronto will have one and the CFL will not survive, one season, they will try but all the dollors come from Toronto,and unless they get the dollars from some where else, it is not going to happen.

I'm sure Vancouver rates higher than Los Angles on the NFL radar. Next question. :roll:

Dupsdell... what is with you and the NFL, just move to Seattle. Besides if anyone thinks the NFL would ever come to Canada you need to either have your head examined or stop smoking whatever it is you smoke. Americans are not interested in coming to what they think is 'Mexico North'. We are just some little back water country to them.

well all i got too say it next is obvious that the NFL will never step foot in Canada for at least 10 more years..Anyways at all the away games for a team from Canada they would get boooooed like crazy because they will be the "underdog" for many years untill they get more teams from Canada in it..

Then everybody explane why the commisiner said that Toronto is the next expansion city.?

The Maple Leafs will win the Stanley Cup before Toronto gets a NFL franchise, that means it will never happen......

Then ansewr my question, why is toronto on the list to become the next NFL expantion team?

dupsdell.... because he is probably just trying to keep the Toronto fan base going to Buffalo for the Bills games.

And the Canucks will win a Stanley Cup before that too! :wink: :wink: :wink:

I hears today that the commissiner, said he is considering to talk to the new cfl commissiner when he is hired, and work out something to try and keep the argos in toronto, when they come to toronto not if. so it sounds like the NFL want's toronto badly.

So dupsdell, when are you moving to Toronto and joining the other American Wannabee's that make up that city. Then we don't have to read your posts on the a site dedicated to the Lions.

ur a dumbass. go away.