NFL combine

Anyone else watching the NFL combine? its totally insane, and very impressive. Its a shame the CFL didn't promote its up-and-comers with an event like this.


The Combine is dog and Pony show
most 1 day drafted Players don't work out at it
They Wait for Pro Days at the Collage Anemometer

The CFL doesnt have enough ppl to draft that they need a combine.

Are you sure about that, I thought I saw the results of the CFL combine on here at one time.

There you go

The CFL has an evaluation camp ...

And I agree that it's a shame the CFL doesn't - can't - promote it like the NFL hypes its combine.

It's nauseating how much the NFL hypes EVERY little thing of theirs ... but it works for them ... and I wish the CFL could do the same. But I doubt they have the resources ... it's hard enough promoting the regular season ...

perhaps i should have been more clear. they dont have to prmote the combine like the NFL does, because there isnt enough prospects.

I don't think the number of prospects is such a big deal. What it comes down to, IMO, is just more promotion of the Canadian game/CFL ... whether or not there are only going to be 50 players drafted. ie, which 50? They have to promote the combine like the NFL does, just so that the NFL combine doesn't get ALL the attention (like it already does ... )

I mean, from a fans perspective, its disappointing to see the CFL ignore an opportunity to not only showcase potential upcoming talent .. but it also ignores the schools and junior' opportunity to showcase their graduates ..

It doesn't require much in the way of resources to do this .. A blabber mouth, a microphone, and a camera would be suffice. Maybe there just isn't enough interest to broadcast something like this ... ?


It would be nice if they did that, but how many people actually would watch a CFL combine? I dont think there would be enough interest to justify putting it on TV,IMO. The only college game in Canada that really has a national audience is the Vanier Cup game.

Seems to me that these are issues that should have been addressed when the league signed their new tv deal with TSN. They should have insisted the deal include coverage of the CFL Combine (it is called that and is after the NFLs) as well as some sort of FA tracker report. Poor job by the league of missing the opportunity.

BTW Statik, the NFL Combine has been pretty interesting to watch, I would definitely watch the CFL version.

I agree completely with you pigseye, we need to push every conceivable avenue of this league in a positive manner, it can only raise the value of the CFL which of course is in our best intrest

But again (since there's another topic on this) who's really at fault for that? The CFL for not pushing it forward or TSN for not putting in any effort themselves, to promote the CFL like that?

Our Combine The CFL Evaluation Camp is in Toronto this weekend.

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The Province Newspaper had a little blurb about the CFL camp.

Once again the NFL media machine shows how well they promote their own league (again).