NFL Combine vs Jamall Lee

Here is a comparison of NCAA running backs at the NFL Combine and Jamall Lee of Bishops' in the CIS..

Top Vertical Jump- 41.5" Donald Brown Jamall Lee- 44"

Top 40 Yd. Time- 4.45sec. Cedric Peerman Jamall Lee-4.39sec.

Top 20Yd. Shuttle- 4.08sec. Bernard Scott Jamall Lee-4.19sec.

Top Broad Jump- 10'8" Beanie Wells Jamall Lee-10'3"

Top Bench Press- 30 reps Tony Fiammetta Jamall Lee-19 reps

Judging by these numbers,I doubt that CFL fans will be seeing Jamall Lee anytime soon. As for the TiCats drafting Lee, he could be a late pick like Samuel Giguerre but I somehow doubt that he'll slip through the first round.Teams rich in Canadian talent like BC Lions,Montreal, or Calgary could afford to use a #1 pick
on Jamall Lee and patiently wait to see if he makes it in the NFL.
Those of us who value the Canadian content in our league can certainly take pride in Jamall Lee and wish him all the best in his football quest.

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I'd love to see him return kicks in Hamilton, but he'll be on an NFL practice roster for the next three years.

Wer'e sure good at waiting in the Hammer....Waiting, waitng, waiting, allways bloody well waiting. :frowning:

CFL team,s should draft the best available Non imports. there is no harm in letting a draftee develope skill,s at the pro level before playing in the CFL, most will play in cfl at some time within 3 seasons, when they are able to step in a starters roll, thats not hurting any CFL team.

lol u forget the argos are in dire need of a RB and they have the second overall pick. We're likely to draft OL Rottier or Legare and the next pick the argo's will porbably draft Jamall Lee

The Argos have drafted and are still waiting for Dawson,Federkiel,and Kaczur to return from the NFL. Today the Argos are not that deep in Canadian talent to be able to afford to wait for Lee.They need immediate Canadian depth players.I'd be willing to bet a nickel or a Monty Burns button that Lee is not a future Argo after May 2 unless he falls to the later rounds of the draft.

Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7) :smiley: