NFL Combine Notes & Player Prospects

On the offencive side, basically the following players look the best for sake of long-term and feature potential so far in my opinion.

On the offencive side, the draft is thin at QB and WR, average at RB, and arguably the best ever at OL.

Some of these players not listed who are drafted and signed of course won't make it to the season. Some of these quarterbacks who are about 6-2 or less requiring development will ride pine for several seasons or just be cut.

Have a look and fire away with constructive feedback.

Check out the NFL combine information:

Note: All listed in order of my opinion for their prospects except the OLs.

QB: Note however these guys did not throw as apparently are not most QBs.

Tebow, LeFevour

Spiller, Best, Hardesty, McKnight

WR: Not many guys who are at least 6-2 and over 200 with hops and hands a la the prototype Michael Irvin set back in the 1990s. As such, few make it as far as the likes of Steve Smith, Santonio Holmes, Laveraneus Coles, and Santana Moss and end up just on special teams.


TE/Wing Back/Slot:



Dickson, Harbor, Graham

OL: No particular order

Petrus, Okung, Hawley, Olsen, Campbell, Washington, Lauvao

Note that any more the NFL has a dominant preference for quarterback height of about 6-3 or taller, with a solid throwing motion with a quick release from a ball held high off the snap all the same, due to the improved angles and throwing lanes. For another time I could even cite many an NFL quarterback with a somewhat inferior arm but a height of 6-5 or more getting the nod over the "shorter" guy, especially as is the case on the few ball control offences.

Consider that the height of most linemen any more is at least 6-3 plus for many of the defencive linemen and linebackers in blitz have some outstanding leaping ability. Even a slight improvement in angle for an extra inch or two makes a world of difference in the speedy NFL.

Of those of that group of shorter quarterbacks who have good feet and mobility more suited spread offences, it will be interesting to hear the names pop up later for the CFL where I think many of these guys would be better suited for development than in the NFL in the first place. Now if only they had contracts in the CFL requiring them to stay longer for such investment and development of those who can cut it. :cowboy:

On the defencive side, there is some starpower amongst the safeties, defencive linemen, and linebackers, but overall the draft is somewhat thin for NFL star or feature player potential on the defencive side of the ball in my opinion.

Overall this NFL draft is somewhat on the thin side in my view, so that means basically developing players and maturing veterans in either league will continue to be at even more of a premium despite the looming, ugly salary issues in the NFL for 2011. :expressionless:

In the NFL more of the transaction fun starts 5 March, and I for one hope that the salary negotiations do not go so badly for 2011 that 2010 ends up an uncapped year where the likes of only the wealthiest owners basically almost buy championships akin to what happens in baseball. :thdn:

The NFL site shows that on 26 March there will be a pro day for prospects at Wilfred Laurier. No players are mentioned, but any idea who it might be? You would think the CFL scouts would be looming outside afterwards eh?

This link on the site answers my own question with the tables turned:

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I think that some NFL scout is watching what Allen and Ihekwoaba will do at the e-camp as well.

Chima Ihekwoaba could get some looks. Good size and speed. Can’t see a DB being drafted in the NFL. The NFL scouts usually look at lineman up here.

McKnight won’t make it in the NFL.

He’s like a poor man’s Reggie Bush and Reggie isn’t exactly dominating the NFL.

I don't agree here on McKnight but good point all the same Matt. McKnight at minimum will be a feature player on at least 2 out of 3 downs.

Reggie Bush, who plays normally on three downs, however has come of age despite of course not matching all the hype about him as it is just that for most players by the US sports media dominated by ESPN. Most NFL stars are, contrary to the ESPN hype, either not star players or on star teams in college. So many feature NFL players playing on at least two downs out of three who come from overlooked, smaller college programs. Though the NFL is at the core a different game though less than it was back before college programs started to implement more passing offenses in the late 1980s, to me this sustained discrepancy indicates that most college football recruiting as well as the whole business of it is highly flawed and corrupt just like that darn BCS BS.

The Peyton Manning's and Drew Brees's are a small number out there, but ESPN continues with their successful college football agenda to report mostly only the big name college programs and overlook the smaller schools and overlooked players.

At the running back position amongst the highly-touted names thrown out, I see rather Dwyer as a looming bust as just about any "north-south" runner without lateral agility any more, as those guys end up at best in the goal-line set a few years before being cut and left with the decision whether or not to work out more to become full-time special teamers, for which they will never earn running back money if they even bother.

If Dwyer were not at a major college football program, I doubt he would even be mentioned when his name even does come up. By contrast you have higher-ranked on most draft boards Mathews of small program Fresno State with no mention on in mainstream media like ESPN as well as a highly overlooked player named Karim out of Southern Illinois.

Also this talk about the small McCluster weighing in at less than 170lbs at running back is utter nonsense. A team might as well pick a '40s throwback named "Scooter." I think the only interest in him is as a potential return specialist, but even his 40 times are slow not only for his size but slower than larger guys at the running back position. Way too much competition to take a chance on a guy like that I say.

Consider even overlooked Ben Tate of Auburn, who I see as a feature 2-down and goal line back, at about 230lbs is faster!

See my other post with my picks for the feature players instead of trying in vain to guess who will be drafted where.

Whoa....hold the phone.

Reggie wasn't some trumped up product of ESPN. The guy was nearly untouchable in college and I completely agree, he's come of age in the NFL and is becoming more and more of a force to be reckoned with.

Watch this video and tell me he's a product of hype:

Haven't seen cuts like that since Barry Sanders, guys were losing their shoes and breaking their ankles when Reggie came up on them.

Bush had the goods all along of course don't get me wrong, but I disagree with you that he was not overhyped massively. He was promoted along the lines of the Second Coming of Barry Sanders or otherwise by the media led by ESPN at the time for sake of promoting its college football agenda more than anything else, as with the advent of the NFL Network ESPN's clout with the NFL was deeply marginalised and good riddance to their overly cocky ways too. Notice how lame their Monday Night Football coverage is now with them still not finding the right mix of color commentators.

No way Barry Sanders was nearly as highly touted in his day coming out of college, but that was a different era in cable television and media in general of course. And remember the hype surrounding Matt Leinart? He's one more failed season or non-season from being declared a bust mind you. And then there is that Vince Young who basically was two fine seasons to live up to his hype but now is almost done in my view.

Again the point rests that most of the future NFL stars are NOT the guys hyped by ESPN and the like for sake mostly to promote their college football agenda with their hype of mostly guys from major college programs. Note ESPN is even so lame as to show more high school football too of all things in search of the next big star or whatever. The advertisers like Nike and UnderArmour and Gatorade love that demographic.

To their credit, ESPN did get it right with regard to Lebron James in another sport, who manages to be one of the few young guys who managed to exceed his hype though he's still short of a championship but with the best shot ever this year.