NFL Combine Invitees

Canadians, Tyler Varga rb Yale, Christian Covington dl Rice, and Brett Boyko ol UNLV were invited. I didn't see Alex Mateas ctr UConn or Daryl Waud dl Western. I wonder if Waud and Mateas will be at the CFL Combine or attend their own pro days. Because Covington is a junior, I don't believe he's eligible for the CFL Draft.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Although he has a famous dad, Christian has his head screwed on tight and is working hard to make it on his own merits. All that being said, I want to see him play on our team, once he graduates, with a lifetime contract... Lol

Sorry, but am I selfish in the fact that I want to watch and cheer him on as he breaks his dad's records while playing for the same team?

There are 300 players invited to the 2016 NFL Combine but only 1 Canadian, if my eyes have not failed me. Mehdi Abdesmad is a 6’6" 280 Dlineman from Montreal who played at Boston College. The NFL Network will cover the event from Friday, Feb 26 onward.
This is truly a sign from the football gods that the season is not far away. :smiley:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

I do believe you’re correct Pat. Only one headed to the National Combine in Indy. Lots headed to Regional Combines.

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Some were invited to the regional combines.