NFL combine 2022 re future cfl players maybe?

this shorty is looking good.

Calvin Austin III Draft and Combine Prospect Profile |

He looks like he might have NFL talent if he has the smarts and instinct. Otherwise, could do well in CFL


I have little doubt the CFL coaches and their staffs are scouting the NFL Combine as much or more than ever, for any more the prime prospects no longer go to the NFL Combine but use their home field advantage at their college Pro Days as are coming up.

Via the NFL Combine, a shade of what it once was, are three dominant camps any more:

  1. Players who will be drafted in the middle rounds who are likely to make teams and be second-string or lower in most cases with a small few surprising to earn a starting spot or take the place of an injured starter.
  2. Players drafted in lower rounds or undrafted players who will try out for special teams.
  3. Players who won't be drafted and will be cut early if making it to a camp, but they might end up on a practice roster.
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