disabled comments?

Looks like disabled their comment sections on their articles. Are they embarrassed by the actions of their employees and now afraid of backlash?

I suspect the more likely scenario is that there were either some ignorant and/or racist comments so they disabled them (the type of comments I have come across on some other sites).

The league certainly is not shying away from the stand of their players, coaches and owners. In fact the opposite is true. This on the site today.

The[url=]player responses[/url]drew support from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who told[url=]The MMQB's Peter King[/url]he was "proud" of Sunday's actions. "The way we reacted today, and this weekend, made me proud," Goodell said. "I'm proud of our league."

Love how the Cowboys got booed last night and people are burning their tickets and NFL apparel. The NFL has been a joke for many years now.

If being a ratings and revenue juggernaut is being a 'joke' there are a ton of businesses including almost every other major sports league who would like to be a 'joke' too.

It seems silly. They paid good money for those items and, chances are, many will spend good money to replace them after they cool down. People need to calm down over this silliness. They are only hurting themselves.

It's probably temporary until things die down on the political front.

Of course. Americans are hyper aggressive and nuts. Add guns and it is a SCARY cocktail.

Hmmm? reading these 2 posts together sure got me thinking about all this.

Whitey on the moon?.... Whitey wants to go to mars??


Haha no idea what you are saying here but I bet it's good.

It's a case of the NFL players biting the hand that feeds them. While I'm sure they'll gain some fans from the woe is me crowd, they'll lose a bunch from people who feel this whole kneeling or teams boycotting the anthem stuff is out of line.

I agree but it has been blown WAY out of proportion - on both sides.

I just wish everyone was more worried about the nut in North Korea than what happens in the NFL.

Ratings mean nothing when your organisation is morally bankrupt. Just look at how long it took the NFL to respond after video surfaced of Ray Rice punching out his girlfriend in an elevator or how Tebow was run out of the league because he chose to pray.

The fact the NFL has known for years about concussion effects and has not taken action until recently speaks volumes.

If there ever was an arrogant league, it is the NFL who thinks it's holier than though because of their massive TV ratings over the years that has managed to be able to have their players earn huge sums of money playing only 16 regular season games a year and with huge rosters compared with most other sports.

At some point their bubble may just burst and they will realize that they better watch out. Leave your protests off the field please, go and do it away from when I'm buying a ticket or watching a game on television. I watch sports and much other entertainment to escape from all the politics and bad news out there. Be positive on game day, hold hands together and wish for world peace, inclusion, diversity etc. but don't bring your protests to the field on game day. I think that's all a lot of fans are asking for.

Good on Mike Tomlin for pointing out what a football game should be about. Yup, football, how ironic!

?You’re asking us about middle ground, you’re asking us about right or left,? Tomlin said Tuesday . ?We’re a football group. That’s what you guys don’t understand. ?We don’t care, largely, professionally speaking. We have personal opinions yes. Professionally, we’re about to kick a ball off.?