NFL Coach of the Year

Without a doubt I think Coach of the Year should go to Jim Caldwell. This guy has this team running. Even when the Colts were down huge against New England and then Houston, he didn't panic. Not once. He has to Colts sitting at 12-0. They've locked up the AFC South, and I imagine with one more win they should lock up the AFC. No one has been able to stop this team.

And even if they lose a couple when they start to slow things down for the playoffs, I still don't see how anyone could possibly pass him. For a rookie HC, this guy is tearing up the league. What I love most about him, is so far under his command, this team is more aggressive. I don't have any ill will toward Dungy. I love the man. I'll always feel greatful for the SB he brought to Indy, and I hope he makes it into the Hall of Fame. But under him the team was a little too soft at times. I'm happy to see this team be more aggressive.

Jim Caldwell is hands down the CotY. :thup: