Here is the latest from the Toronto media head of the cheerleading department for the Bills and NFL.
A previous "can't miss proposition" now has several excuses for the not so smooth sailing in outstanding tickets.
All I know is this game has been advertised every day for the past several months in several of the Toronto papers and the radio spots are still heard on several stations.
According to Brunt some 5000 seats remain, but in reality I would suggest triple the amount and no doubt the freebies and various discounts are not included.
This game like the Xibition and future games are dog with flees. Mega millions was lost by Rogers during the first game and more will no doubt occur during this game and especially when you consider how our dollar has gone down by some 20 cents in value.
Good on them, the wannabe Americans including Brunt.

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I hope Ted loves losing money. You have to consider to that many fans attending are Bill's fans coming up for the game. The Bill's camp is burning and they know it.

Wow, I would have thought this game would have been sold-out long ago. OMG, it's the mighty NFL coming to Toronto, it's coming, Phil Lind and company are having orgasms, the NFL, the NFL, the NFL, OMG, OMG, we need a 200,000 seat stadium... Okey dokey there Phil and buddies.

Get it through your heads, most NFL fans in Toronto area, when they want to go to a game, will simply head down to Buffalo or Detroit when they want to. Toronto and the NFL in terms of people spending big bucks to go see games, I'm just not too sure will be a given like you guys seem to think. And corporate money that is already been allocated to the other teams in Toronto, how much is really left over in these hard times?

My guess is that they have about 30-32,000 tickets "sold"!!!! If there were so-many NFL fans in Toronto this thing should have "sold-out", (in length of time tickets were available) well before the 2007 Grey Cup in Toronto. The ticket prices for both were comperable. The simple fact (and the pin-heads like Brunt and others in the Toronto media just don't get it) is that there is not as many hard-core NFL fans in T.O. as they think. Sure they follow the games. But the main reason most follow the NFL is the betting. Take out the fantasy leagues and the "pro-line" and other gambling, and I just don't think the interest is there.

According to ticketmaster, you can still buy 10 or 20 tickets together in all sections of RC for the game, so I doubt they have only 5,000 left.

Things are so dire ahead of the Bills game that Rogers employees have been offered tickets at as much as half off to try to fill the stadium. This follows a preseason Bills tilt here that featured swaths of empty seats and millions in red ink.

"`Boondoggle' is too kind a word," Campbell said. "It's more like a disaster."

According to one insider, the NFL is "upset" with the way its Canadian debut has been bungled.

"We're certainly monitoring and watching closely," NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy said.

That close scrutiny could damage Ted Rogers' goal of luring an NFL club to Toronto.

I guess Rogers never learned from the two previous American Bowls in Toronto which saw ticket sales stall at the 20,000 mark. Here is the story you won't read in the G&M:

Detroit has an NFL team?

During an interview I saw on TVO with Ted Rogers, when asked about the Bills games in Toronto, he replied it's all just part of branding for the company. Ok, the new nickname for the Bills games in Toronto are the Branding Games, hey, I'd say that's about as accurate as you can get after listening to this interview. :wink:

Interesting article here I found online:

[i]According to Rogers Communications owned Citytv, we Torontonians should be elated about the Buffalo Bills and Pittsburgh Steelers would ever dream of playing in "Rogers Centre". After all, as Canadians, we are just a bunch of glorified "Eskimos" up here in the Great White North. According to this line of reasoning, as Canadians, we should therefore be grateful about anything that corporate America throws our way. Y'all invited to the Samsung Bills Toronto Kickoff Party on August 13, from 4 to 10 PM at Dundas Square. indicates that "This is going to be one serious party: the 2008 Buffalo Bills, Bills and Steelers alumni." And even Jim Kelly is going to be coming. Wooppee!

I think not. Compared to the storied franchise of our Toronto Argonauts, that has won multiple Grey Cups, and has a history that spread into three different centuries, the Buffalo Bills are truly "Johnny come Lately" upstarts and losers. The Buffalo Bills claim to fame has been to squander its Superbowl chances, amidst an ego-driven management. Remember that debacle with Doug Flutie a few years ago -- what a joke that was, eh.[/i]

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Acouple weeks ago I posted that they probably have 30-32,000 tickets actually sold, I would like to say now I was way off the target!!!!! I don't think they have sold 25,000 tickets judging by the vast numbers 10-20 seats in a row ,in different sections, not sold!!!! Even now the Toronto(I wanna be an American) media is being critical to the whole fiasco. Gotta love it!!!!!!!! :rockin:

I hope Ted loves losing money. You have to consider to that many fans attending are Bill's fans coming up for the game.
When it comes to sports, losing money Rogers speciality. He lost multi-millions in the first Bills preseason game and In a recent news article, he admitted losing "over $300 million" running the Blue Jays. In another news article last week, the BIT series manager said they had "sold fewer than 2,000 tickets to fans in the Buffalo area."

He also claimed two weeks ago there were 3,000 tickets still available, and now Brunt (whose works for CTV/Globe, which will be broadcasting the games), now says they have 5,000 unsold? I understand Rogers has been putting pressure on their employees across Canada to claim these heavily- discounted tickets to help fill-in the empty sections.

Funny how Stephen in this his latest article as the cheerleader that he is for the NFL, will not call the game for what it is, a financial dog with fleas.

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The latest nonsense is the game is a sellout. That is bogus.
I have a friend whose brother works in the ticket office and the story is how tons(thousands) of tickets have been given away to various staff and management of Rogers stores throughout the GTA.
Many have also been discounted to next to nothing inclusive of Budweiser and various watering holes.
So this creative "sellout" is bogus and is from the Paul Godfrey school of counting imagenary BJ fans when he was running the show. For every one sold, two were not.
This so called "can't miss game" as we all know has been heavily advertised in all media, print, radio etc.
It's a dog with fleas.
On top of which it will lose more millions then the pathetic Xibition game, now that the dollars is down what to around 78 cents.
Good on them all.

The 78 million is is Canadian dollars so the dollars devaluation hurts Wilson and not Roger Corp.
The true test of this games popularity will come game day and what you have to spend to get a ticket from the scalpers.... I nominate Berrizen to go down to Skydome and pretend to buy tickets from scalpers..... Report back to us....
Betcha they go for around half of face value.... Just a guess

According to an article in todays Toronto Sun, Steve Simmons claims the $78 million is in US dollars.

  [b][i]"Lind agreed that Rogers would pay the Bills $78 million US for eight games in Toronto, five of those regular season. That was before the dollar went bad. So if Rogers owed the Bills $78 million for eight games when the dollar was at par, that value alone has taken the figure to $93.6 million Cdn, assuming the dollar doesn't change much over the next five years."[/i][/b]

Here's the link to the story,

argotom, my guess is that Mr. Brunt won’t call it a dog with fleas is because he himself is truly embarrased about the whole thing and can’t swallow the fact that the NFL isn’t as big as people were led to believe in the big smoke.

You are correct Earl.
I don't think Brunt or many wannabe Americans/NFLers could have ever imagined things would go this bad.
I say good on them.

That's strange... I clearly remember seeing"Canadian Dollars" in print more then once.... I even remember thinking that Wilson must of been speculating that the Canadian dollar must be going up even more...

Simmons is a lier....what a shock!!!

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It'll only get worse.... many of the tickets sold were sold to scalpers who were scorched badly....
Scalpers will not touch these games with a ten foot pole next year bringing sales down further...
The only salvation is if the Bills could lure NY or NE to TO.... but why would they? They already got dead ted's money...they'll save the premium games for themselves!!!
Next year TO will probably get a Lions game!!!!

I have never liked that weassel...He now pretends to like the CFL because he works for TSN..... but I remember just a few short years ago he was more anti CFL then Brunt is now!!!!