NFL/ CFL - refs, broadcasting , rules

I see the NFL fans went nuts when presented with marginal referees and too many flags and missed calls ...

I have to say that these replacment refes are still head and shoulders over our CFL refs .

Also , the coverage of the game and competence of the announcers are so much better in the NFL ...

The things the CFL announcers say are mostly wrong and they don't notice things like injuries or changes in personnel .

they need to bring in someone with character
i think they do a grat job with tha half time show with dunnigan , shultz ..but those guys should be calling the games ..
not that EX sask Db what's his name Glen Suitor or Duanne Ford ..when Dunnigan is in there it is marked improvement

the big problem is with the play by play when ROD BLACK is in there and Chris Cuthbert can irritate ..Gord Miller is a bit more tolerable but there should be an upgrade

i mean radio is much better people .... Rick Zamperin John Salavantis FOR THE CATS

AND Mike Hogan Sandy Annunziata for the ARGOS

I also think one rule change we should make in the CFL is to move the field goals to the back of the end zone ...i just find it is too easy to get a field goal ..a couple first downs from your own 35 and your almost in field goal range ....i'd rather a bit tougher to get a field goal then it is now ..i do underatnd that the end zone is longer though

i also think our roughing the passer rule needs to be altered ..If you are pushed into he QB and land on his legas then no penalty ..i have seen too many of these ..olineman can do it to get a call when they know they are getting beat

Oh brother :roll: :roll:

So why do you bother to watch?
Why do you come on here every week spouting your views like you know everything about the team?
If you think the NFL is so much better, spend your time there.
The things the CFL announcers say are mostly wrong. Really?
I have to say that these replacment refes are still head and shoulders over our CFL refs. When have you ever seen the Canadian refs march off 10 additional yards on a penalty? Just like all refs, they are human. They make mistakes from time to time.

NFL refs make over $100 000 and work part time. How does that compare to the pay scale in the CFL?

So you want the goal posts put at the back of the end zone. That's 25 yards deep from the goal line. So imagine the ball on the 20 yard line. The field goal kicker is standing 10 yards back from the line of scrimmage. That's a 55 yard field goal. What team in their right mind would opt for that over trying to get the first down. Even if they are unsuccessful they have pinned the opposition deep in their end. You'd be better to punt for single.

Your last point is with the announcers. Who do you think they are going to use? The guys who announce the Leaf, Oilers, Canucks, Flames Habs games, the Blue Jay announcers? Let's keep in mind where the CFL sits in the sports scheme of things in North America.

If we moved the goal posts back then we'd have to remove the rouge as well. It would truly become a point for a missed field goal rather than what it is now, which is generally a strategic choice by the defending team to give up a point in exchange for better field position. Also remember that the field's 10 yards longer anyways.

You wern't thinking very hard today,were you. :lol:

This is not even close to being true. I have my problems with the CFL refs, but those replacement refs in the NFL were beyond brutal. Every referee is going to make mistakes, just like players and coaches and every other human being, but the worst CFL ref was better than any NFL replacement ref.

Seriously? They get things “mostly wrong”? If you want to hear an announcer get things mostly wrong, you should tune in to CBS when Phil Simms calls a game. Probably the most moronic football commentator out there.

No, they don’t. I don’t want the colour guy to be a character; I want him to be knowledgeable about the game and be able to convey things to viewers that they may miss. Mike Mayock is currently my favourite colour analyst (he does NFL Thursday night games and Notre Dame games on NBC) and h is anything but a character. He is a no-nonsense guy and does a great job. By far the best in the business right now.

Who should they bring in? Those guys don’t grow on trees. We can discuss whether any of them are any good – I like Cuthbert, Forde, Dunigan and Miller; I tolerate Suitor; I hate Rod Black – but it’s not an easy job and you can’t just say “they should be replaced.” Who out there, doing commentating work in Canada, would you hire to replace any of the people you don’t like?

Putting the posts at the back of the end zone would pretty much eliminate the field goal from the game.

^^^ i agree with everything Blogskee Wee Wee said!

Well I was voicing some of my thoughts.
There is no easy solution to the easier field goals in the CFL as I see .

I still feel our TV play by play announcers are bush league but hey that's just my opinion
The refs are not very good in the CFL and the Monday night game reminded me of watching the CFL but I do understand there is not as much TV money and gate money so we can't really afford to have high quality refs

I just like to voice my opinion and it may be right or wrong and I may be corrected i am just looking to engage in frendly conversation with ticats fans .

…but, I said it first :lol: :rockin:

Your comments would be better served on an NFL forum. Why come on a CFL forum to exclaim how much better the NFL is?

You should realize that NFL teams average about $150 million in TV revenue. CFL teams average $1.5 million. Can you see the difference? That extra money buys a lot of professionalism you see in the NFL. The CFL and TSN do the best in can with their limited resources but it’s not really fair comparing them to the NFL. It’s the No. 1 sport in a country of over 300 million with teams earning 100 times as much money. My suggestion to you is to watch the NFL if you’re so impressed and leave the CFL alone.

As far as television personalities go, Glen Suitor irritates me with his fence sitting. Sometimes he says a team should do one thing, they do something different and then he says they did the right thing after all!! I like Dunnigan the best for colour commentary. He is into the games with enthusiasm and will take a stand on things.
The absolute worst personality on either side of the border hands down is Shannon Sharpe. What are these executives thinking?? This guy can't even speak clearly!!! He rambles on like a marble mouth with just about every sentence acknowledging "JB" (the host). Brutal...there have to be thousands of ex-NFL players that would be superior to him!