NFL catch vs CFL catch

So, someone on the site said there's an NFL catch and so we asked him "what's a CFL catch?"

He didn't answer..

So I ask, what is the difference between an NFL and a CFL catch?

Getting 2 feet in bounds.

NFL = "two feet" in bounds
CFL = "one foot" in bounds

OK, here I was thinking he meant it's was special or a better catch

In the NFL a receiver can make a catch with the ball touching the ground, as long as he controls the ball, while in the CFL balls that hit the ground are normally called incomplete.

One of the catches late in the Calgary game this weekend was a good NFL catch on that basis and they ruled it complete go figure! :roll: Winnipeg was screwed on that call.

With all due respect because you have such a fine track record here, please consider the following evidence.

[url=] ... ron-non-TD[/url]

Actually in the NFL, the informally known and ridiculous "Calvin Johnson" rule of 2010, much like the famously correct "tuck rule" call for Tom Brady back in the playoffs in 2002, remains in place such that on this ground (no pun intended) an NFL catch is the same as a CFL catch.

For you receivers out there, the bottom line, so as to eliminate all doubt by officials, is DO NOT LET THE BALL EVER TOUCH THE GROUND!

The "Calvin Johnson Rule" unfortunately is still in place:

[url=] ... _rule.html[/url]

To the contrary, as pointed out by Tony Dungy of NBC soon after the stupid though correct ruling on Calvin Johnson, is that by contrast if that play had been a two-point conversion, such a pass would be ruled complete! Apparently on a conversion, once the ball pierces the goal line it does not matter what happens next. Such an example was at hand during the Super Bowl in 2010 when the Saints' went for two points and after a catch receiver Lance Moore fumbled just as he pierced the infinitely upward plane of the goal line. Originally called imcomplete, the ruling was overturned! So now explain how these rules are logical?! :x :thdn:

And so the NFL remains screwed up on this count. I like the concept that the ball during the process of a catch must not touch the ground just like in the CFL, but on the other hand like with Calvin Johnson's catch, if the player goes to ground with clear possession before the ball touches the ground (i.e. an elbow, non-catching hand, knee, hip, or butt are on the ground and the player clearly has possession of the ball), then a completion cannot be incomplete due to contact later with the ground just as happened with Calvin Johnson (and in 2014 with Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys:

[url=] ... z-catch-it[/url] )

Correction: By current and stupid rule, this was not a good NFL catch either. Winnipeg were screwed.

The rule for a catch appears the same to me in both leagues but for in the CFL only one foot is needed.

Note also that in the NFL if any other part of the body hits the ground first counts, it counts as two feet.

For you receivers out there, almost always try to get two feet in so that if you miss one, well in amateur American football or in the CFL you have a catch.

You'll often hear the color guys say during an NFL game when the receiver only gets one foot in bounds, "...well Bob, that would have been a catch in Canada....."

Don't understand why the Leagues would be different but they are....

CFL rules differ mainly to give the offence the advantage because there are only three downs. That is why only one foot in, and complete backfield in motion and one yard off the ball and deep end zones, etc.

Got to be the worst serious comment I have seen on this forum.

@yougotta, you didn’t mean that the way it sounds, did you? :?
Your comments are usually very good.

US college is one foot in, just like the CFL.

Not sure what you mean here…I honestly don’t understand why CFL, NCAA & CIS would all require only one foot in bounds and the NFL would need two…seems out of synch. With so many NFL games being field goal contests you’d think moving to the standard that the rest of the major leagues in N America follow would jump start the offense a bit.

Teach me oh Dragon of Grey…I am your student. (winky emoticon here)


Seems I was so shocked that you would think that the CFL and the NFL should be the same that I took it somewhat out of context.
Yes, I agree that in this context of one foot/two feet in bounds on a reception, the NFL is the outlier and it is not clear why it would be.

Thank YOU for clarifying for ME. :thup:

Now, all the other differences between CFL and NFL... :wink: