I won't even DIGNIFY this poll with a response ...

Take this is a CYBER pistol whipping and don't come back ...


I voted no. I don't think it would KILL the CFL completely, especially out west, but there's no way it would help. I'd rather have two strong leagues than one, that's for sure.

But Meanstreak is right, I shouldn't have dignified a blatant trolling with a response, I'm sorry for doing that.

Get lost Godfrey

anybody who votes yes should get the hell out of Canada.

Why should I get out of Canada? Why shouldn't a Canadian Team have a chance to make money!!!


I answer only because I got time to kill right now.

Your comment makes no sense at all.

What has wanting NFL in Canada got to do with wanting a Canadian Team to make money???

Put it this way what does having an NFL team in Canada have to do with the CFL?

What does your post have to do with Ticat Chat?

When I mean make money I mean make millions not a few bucks..... is all

Just wanted to know if you hammertown boys are ready for your pussy cats to fold like your pronvincal partners in OTTAWA!!! When the NFL comes to Mexico and Canada it will truly be the best in North America.

Jason Maas he's are man if he can't do it maybe Danny MAC can!!!


I see SMITTY will be blogging all the recent NFL cuts for your crappy league to fight over. Good luck tigger kats. 3-15 might just edge the Argos for 3rd spot this year.

75% of the league makes the playoffs but is the tigger kats good enough naw they will be one of the 2 that can't make it to the playoffs. I think teams have a better chance to make it to the grey cup then miss the play offs HAHAHA

To all the 13th men

talk like that is why you should get the hell out of Canada. You obviously want the CFL to fold, and thats just plain uncanadian.

And no place outside of maybe totonto would support an NFL team any more than they do CFL, specially after the novelty wore off.

Odds are, you already are not a Canadian anyhow.

One more thing to all my fellow canucks!!! Since we are talking about 75% we may as well talk about the horrible players in your league they are about 75% bad yankees who wish they were in the NFL!!! Just ask them when they are in the off season at home in the USA.

nfl canada go rgiht ahead just make the team in the northern territories

I am I love our national past time HOCKEY but you idiots love this watered down sport called canadian football not just FOOTBALL. Like Austrailian Football or English Football not real football!!!

Well I am really shocked the CFL hasn't tried it. Lets pick areas like Yukon Riders maybe the Yellowknife Mountaineers or the PEI Fisherman. Thats the CFL I know. Maybe expand to a country that doesnt want you? Oh wait you tried that already!!! How do the history books look....Baltimore CFLers

That is horrible my semipro ticat fans