NFL Bust Charles Rogers To Try And Resurrect Career In CFL.

Charles Rogers likely to try to resurrect career in CFL
By Len Pasquarelli

Unable to find an NFL team willing to take a chance on him, former first-round wide receiver Charles Rogers is likely to sign soon with a CFL team in an effort to resurrect his once promising football career.

The second player selected overall in the 2003 draft, Rogers was released last year by the Detroit Lions after three seasons marked by injuries, inconsistency and a suspension for a repeat violation of the league's substance abuse policy. He worked out for a few franchises last season but was not offered a contract.

Agent Jason Fletcher said that three CFL teams have demonstrated interest in his client and that, with no viable NFL opportunities right now, Rogers will likely sign a contract soon that will get him back onto the field.

"He wants to play again and it's the best opportunity for him to show he can play again," Fletcher said of the CFL scenario.

The CFL is nearing the midway point of its 18-game schedule, but it is not unusual for Canadian franchises to add players at this juncture of the season.

Rogers, 26, signed a contract with a maximum value of $54.6 million in 2003 and the Lions paid the former Michigan State star $16.19 million over three seasons in total bonuses and base salaries. For that investment, Detroit realized very little return, as Rogers appeared in only 15 games, with 36 receptions for 440 yards and four touchdowns.

Early in his rookie campaign, Rogers suffered a broken collarbone that ended his season after just five games. He then suffered a same injury on the third play of the 2004 season and spent the final 15 games on injured reserve. Rogers was suspended for four games in 2005, and played in only nine games that season, and later admitted during an interview on The NFL Network that he had tested positive for marijuana.

The Lions have filed a grievance against Rogers, seeking to recover $10.18 million of the $14.4 million he was paid in roster and option bonuses. Originally scheduled to be heard in May, the grievance was postponed.


Hmm. I don’t know. I think the Lions cut him for good reason.

cfl is perfect for him, he can smoke all they weed he wants, chill in canada for some free healthcare and chill out. Plus he has a weight problem and is too heavy to play WR in the NFL anymore, so he could make a decent SB in the CFL.

sounds more like the arean league to me... time to go back under the rock from which you came , primetime.

i got more ounce than the bounce, hey give us a trevis smith update? did they retire #48 at mosaic yet?

Get over it.

in all honesty, the guy wont last more than two seasons, he is a former first round pick, he lacks any motivation to do well, he got paid his top 5 pick money, what desire is there for him? The guy ran a 5.2 40 yard dash last year when Bill Belechick worked him out.

...just the guy T.O. is looking for.....or Als. ...someone is interested for sure...and are taking a chance....see et el.... Ricky Williams....the whizzinator the Bombers gave a look-see...... McMahon ...and so on....cuz this guy has nfl credentials does not make him a lock in the CFL.....but to whoever signs him....goodluck... :wink: :lol:

There are apparently 3 teams interested. If one of them starts with Saskatchewan, and ends with Roughriders, Im gonna be less than impressed.

I don't think the Riders need him, but one of the teams should give him a chance.

Give him a low salary and see how he works out. If he does well, then that's a bonus. If not, then cut ties and be done with it.

It's not like the guy was suspended for a year or caught in a cock fighting competition, he just didn't perform!

Is he on anyone’s neg list?

I can't imagine one team being interested in him let alone three !!! Sounds like his agent is blowing smoke :wink:

Tillman tonight said he's on a neg list (not the Riders), so regardless of how many teams may or may not be interested, he's someone's property up here already.

My guess would be the Argos or Bombers..

He is on one teams negotiation list, so realisticlly he is only going to one team, unless a trade is completed.

Nice work, Leonard. Your job of translating my English post into.....well....English.... was very good.

Jim Popp confirmed to RDS yesterday, MTL has him on his NEG List.

But Popp isn't interested in him (didn't talked to his agent), so expect a trade for a couple of draft picks, if something is to happen.

If whoever said he ran a 5.2 40 was accurate, Popp better trade him with the lights off.

Regardless of where (and if) he shows up he still has to make the team.

I heard he neither denied nor confirmed interest