NFL Bush League Reff's

Now where's all those critics of the CFL reff's being "bush League" that hold the NFL in such high regard.
seem to be awful quiet after Sundays fiasco, ya buch of lame a$$e$.

So don't be telling us CFL fans that are Reffs are bush when the NFL Reffs are just as bad if not worse.

After a second trip to the video review booth, however, referee Scott Green reversed the ruling on the grounds that the Chargers threw an illegal forward pass.

Not only is there no evidence of a forward pass anywhere during that play, but Green apologized Monday, admitting his crew made the wrong call. :oops:

Ooops, Sorry the NFL reff's aren't "bush" they're CROOKS looks good on the NoFunLeague


"I hate to talk about blown calls because they happen to every team every week. But they’ve seemed especially bad this year and it looks like they’ll continue throughout the season."

I haven't watched any NFL games yet this year, but I don't follow the logic that one or more blown calls in the NFL can somehow erase all the bad calls being made in the CFL year after year.

I do think that public relations by the CFL regarding officiating has improved under Tom Higgins.

As you imply, corruption might be a more likely culprit for bad calls in the NFL, considering the tremendous amount of money spent gambling on NFL games every year.

That last call against the Steelers was just one of many that day.It seemed as though only one team was visible to the zebras.Even my wife thought Jake was calling the game because of all the calls against the black and gold team.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

The funny thing about this is they got the call right in the first place and then under review it was reversed. There was no need for this play to be reviewed.

I have said this for a long time now, the CFL and NFL need to hire full time refs. The refs should be reviewing and discussing film 3 days a week, travelling to their game for 1 day and calling and returning home on a 5th day, leaving them 2 days a week off.

This should be their schedule:

Tuesday 9-5 -review games from past week, showing ALL controversial plays
Wednesday 9-1 -finish reviewing games
Wednesday 1-5 -on field excercises, keep the refs in shape and also reviewing sight angles, etc, etc
Thursday 9-5 -hand out assignments, study each match up and give tips to each other about what to expect
Friday - travel to game
Saturday - game and travel home

This is what both leagues need to do in order to have more competent officials. The only full time guy right now is Higgins in the CFL. The CFL refs just have to take a test at the beginning of the year and a little bit of on field training and review of the rules That's it.

I hate seeing games or outcomes (in the case of the Pittsburgh game) being decided by a guy who is worried about getting to the airport on time to catch a flight home in order to be at the office or factory or whatever the next morning.

Both leagues need to look into this matter deeply. It may cost the league more money in the long run BUT your games will be called better

Please explain how the outcome was decided by this call in the Pittsburgh game. EIther way, Pittsburgh won. The ONLY thing it affected was the betting line…and the league’s dont (and shouldn’t) concern themselves with that.

Was it a bad call? Yes. Most definitely.
Did it change the outcome of the game? Aside from the final score, no.

The outcome of the game, meaning the score. Don't worry about the betting because that's what everyone focuses on. The problem is that when tiebreakers come into play for playoff spots, there is one dealing with points for. Now 6 points may not seem like a lot to you but it could mean a bye week or a home playoff date for Pittsburgh.

The call was wrong, many people lost money on it and it could turn out to be a disaster for Pittsburgh.

This sort of thing (bad call) happens once in a blue moon in the NFL. When it does happen there's hell to pay.
The thing that bugs me about the CFL Referees is there are an abundance of terrible calls every game and it makes it a joke when you try and compare the two leagues.
I know lots of people argue that the NFL is better or worse than the CFL but when your getting 20 to 25 calls a game it's hard to make an arguement for the CFL.
Until the league (CFL) gets rid of the senior citizens and part time Refs that's what it will be is a joke.