NFL Bound: Chad Kelly? Dinwiddie?

There will be more but I can see one or both of QB Chad Kelly or head coach Ryan Dinwiddie being lured by an NFL offer.
Dinwiddie would likely get an OC posting, and only take it if he had a TOP NFL QB under his direction (ie. Rodgers, Lawrence, etc.) while Kelly could be ready for a back up QB posting after shedding his former image as a distracted roster gremlin. In short - he’s matured.
My guess is Kelly goes first - perhaps $950,000 to $2.5 million for 2 years as a hired gun backup.
Dinwiddie might be a tougher get - I suspect he’d need at least 500k US to make his CFL exit. . . . . maybe even $600k, isn’t that about the going rate for OCs? Or am I delusional?
Term and guarantee would have to be the keywords for Dinwiddie as he’s prolly making well upwards of $350k in the CFL.
Who are some other CFL players NFL ready?

I think both need to prove themselves in this league a bit more before we can start talking about NFL.


I don’t think so. Chad Kelly is already pushing 30.


Could be right! Knock on Kelly all along is a low football field-general IQ. But he seems to be absorbing new coaching well. His conquest over a well-coached Bomber team in last year’s Grey Cup was a tour-de-force. Bethel-Thompson wasn’t gonna get it done! Chad Kelly got 'er done!

But if he can’t make rapid progressions in the space of 2 or 3 seconds, I agree, the NFL won’t come a callin’ - - - - and if they do he’ll be a training camp casualty!

Won’t be next year for either of them!

NFL is desperate for qbs, so, Kelly will be considered by someone


Big Chad has to learn how to read defenses better - but I’m sure he’s on the radar of the NFL northern scouting combine

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Or am I delusional? I’m in complete agreement with this statement.

Might be time to cross Chad Kelly off this list

Argonauts set to announce three-year contract for QB Kelly Toronto Argonauts set to announce three-year contract for QB Chad Kelly | TSN

Curious to hear the terms, maybe there’s an NFL window or two in there but the chances of him landing a role there are slim IMO… maybe a practice roster spot at best

Continuity and health knock on wood…is a good thing


Unique how these things work. Kelly was an NFL clipboard caddy/rounder/free agent for a few years - but after northern success (Grey Cup after he came in for MBT) he prefers a 3 yr guarantee (prolly $550k+ bonuses) in football’s #1 minor league vs. being an NFL nomad.
Nate Rourke on the other hand, started up north, achieved early success until injured and now loathes going back north unless absolutely the only option. He’s happy to rust out on a practice roster and not get rostered for live games. Given the propensity for NFL injuries - Rourke has a fairly good chance to at least get onto the Jags roster at the #2 spot. Long road to hoe for #1 - anywhere. But Rourke is still young, he’s fast, and unlike guys like MBT & especially Big Chad Kelly he can make quick reads and rapid progressions on any football field.

Given what happened to Streveler and where Rourke is at present and Kelly’s age I think that him playing in the NFL is a long shot at best. Wise move for him and the Argos. I’m curious to know the monetary value of his contract.

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It’s great that he signed but as Goose alluded to the NFL window in the CFL means he can sign to an NFL practice roster. I don’t think Kelly has the NFL pension yet so it still could potentially be a carrot that can be dangled in front of him.

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And not macbeth

This was big news on TSN (official league broadcaster)…

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