NFL Bias is holding back the Talent Level in the CFL

How in hell was John Beck ahead of Johnathan Jennings? The BC Lions were dead in the water with Beck and now a smart gambler would put a few hundred on them to win the Grey Cup thus year. Tedfird was clearly blinded by Beck's NFL resume and threw away any chance of hosting a playoff game.
This is acommon problem in the CFL where players with NFL experience are favored over players who the NFL bypassed completely.
The problem with this train of thought is there are over 2000 players in the NFL. If your are not good enough for one of the 2000 jobs in that league, how are you good enough to fill one of the 200 import spots in the CFL?
Most Import CFL players are good enough to be in the NFL,but were missed by NFL scouting departments.

While I do like Jennings, keep in mind he was playing against the Riders. Everybody has looked against the Riders except for maybe Montreal.

He looked good before this game.. He has an amazing pocket presence and can think on the fly.. He can improvise and still run set plays

Jennings is also from a Division 2 school (Saginaw Valley) which is considered small potatoes in the eyes of many CFL coaches.

ironically, the Riders had a chance to sign Jennings at camp last season but chose not to.

Small potatoes in the eyes of NFL scouts,but this is where CFL scouts used to make their bread and butter for decades. For some reason,CFL GMs changed philosophies a few years ago, and the incoming onslot of QB failures from the NFL has ensued… Chris Leak,Akili Smith, Troy Smith, Jared Zabransky, Colt Brennan, Crouch…etc,etc etc

I don't want to get ahead of myself here, but he reminds me a bit of Casey P. His ability to escape the pocket when it breaks down along with the vision to gun the ball down field is what made Casey a star in this league. I am curious to see what Jonathon can do if given a few more starts.

Experience over a rookie. That is a completely reasonable basis (not bias) for signing Beck as a ready backup and Jennings as the potential future. Nothing at all here to criticize except by hindsight (which assumes coaches and GMs have the mystical ability to foresee the future).

Jennings has looked good, but you need more than two games to be the next best thing.

Playing a Riders defence that has had issues all year in stopping teams, especially in key situations.

Don't forget Cato was annointed the next Cavillo after a couple of games this year and has evened off since then.

BC did look good, but 3 of their 5 wins have been against the Riders.

A positive post?!? Who are you and what did you do with our Bungle!

As for Tedford going with Beck over Jennings.

Hindsight is 20/20. Beck was familiar with the system. The odds of success were better at the time under Beck.
It is easy to see what Jennings is doing now and say " he should have been in there from the start "

Everybody looks good till they have film on themselves for others to study.

Bias has been going on for years!!!! Tedford will be out of league soon. He is another Bart Andrus or Joe Mac . He is coaching two decades behind what the cfl was and is no longer.

Ridiculously low salaries are holding back the talent level in the CFL.