NFL Betting Lines 2013

Right about this time every year the oddsmakers are so damn good and I back off the NFL gambling.

The only spread I like now is Colts -8 over Jaguars, but that's the team that failed me in the first two weeks and then pulled that surprise on the road last weekend who though it makes so much sense that's when teams screw it up.

Everything else on the Board is about -3 and over/under 42. For Peyton they really kicked up the over/under too. 50/50 propositions are lame.

$10 Colts -8

I'm headed to Vegas in three weeks, and I'll play for real there though not big and it will be all luck given that the Board is likely to be tough unless I luck out and bet on a hunch for a key player to be out well before the injury is announced. That's just gambling reality to beat the sheeple before the Board changes on you.

10-7 -$13.07 ...3 losses before last week on a bad beat with no regrets for any of the losses as bad picks ...I'm not sure the board will look very good when I get to Las Vegas again in 2 weeks for the first time since 2008 when I left, but I will get my free drinks at the very least!

$21 Denver -7 to sink or swim my regular betting season

Some other games for which the lines might be worth watching (not taking these bets):

KC -1 x1.806
NE +1 x2.03
NO/CHI if O/U goes under 48 (rain in Chicago this weekend?)

Well that about does it for the regular season! 10-8 -$34.07 that's enough of a beating even if I had all those drinks too.

We'll see if I get lucky in Las Vegas next weekend, but I'm not going crazy.

After the first look this week's board looks awful though many lines, if they moved only a little, would be okay.

I would go for IND/SD O50 for MNF, but I hate making bets and waiting until late Monday night or Tuesday morning so I won't do it.

If I were feeling lucky, as I don't given the way this season has gone, I would take the following (NOT my bets):
IND/SD O48 (MGM-Mirage)

So for what it's worth, here is how it went for real in Las Vegas over the weekend.

I finished up in overall gambling despite some hard luck with the NFL.

2-3 -$39 (Atlanta and Chicago/Washington over were my winners)
and missing out also on a 3-way parlay due to the Chiefs not covering by missing a touchdown on two occasions by a yard or less! :x

That was the worst of a seriously bad beat to finish my day, for the Lions and Patriots did not help me earlier. :thdn:

If I were staying in town, here would have been my picks at the sports book as of the lines on Monday night.

Consider these my paper bets:
$18 Dallas +3 Even Money/x2.00
$11 Washington +13 x1.91
$21 Washington/Denver O59 x1.91

2-1 +$26.10 not a bad weekend ...that's enough until the playoffs ...I think :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, at least I got 4 free drinks out of it in Las Vegas.