NFL Betting Lines 2013

A new season is upon us in only two days. This is just for fun using these lines or from another site. I go at it usually for only the first 3 or 4 weeks on this thread and then wait for the playoffs with another thread. [url=] ... Lines.aspx[/url]

Just choose your bets and state your funny money.

It works better if you choose amounts that you would actually bet at the sports book. Here's my first pick with more to come this weekend. Standard odds are -110 / 11/10 / x1.91 unless stated otherwise (i.e. you make $10 for every $11 you bet).

$14 Broncos/Ravens OVER 48 x1.952

And here are my others for six total bets:

$27 NE -9.5 x1.943
$7 KC -3.5 x1.971
$7 SEA -3
$21 IND -9.5
$8 O40.5 AZ/STL x1.885

$50 Cleveland -1 x ??

Poalo I need help please :slight_smile:

You are in for Cleveland -1,
paying -110 or x1.91,
should you win by 2 or more.

Thanks, sounds good to me.

ATL+3 2.03
DET +5 1.971
SF -4.5 1.943
HOU -3.5 1.909

D'oh Taylorfield!

I went 4-2 but am -$14.45 because my two heavy favourites, New England and Indianapolis, did not cover their spread of 9.5. each with wins late in the their games against bad teams.

JMan you are 2-1 and we'll see for Houston tonight.

$15 Redskins, -4
$20 Chiefs, -3
$35 Detroit, -1.5

New lines up [url=] ... Lines.aspx[/url]

Taylorfield your line for Washington does not look right, and it was not out for the next game at the time you posted either because the Monday night game was still in progress.

The Redskins are an underdog against the Packers on the road and not a favourite. Where are you getting your lines? Check again and correct.

$18 PHI -7.5
$10 IND Money Line (To Win) x1.725
$7 CAR/BUFF Over44 x1.943
$15 ATL -6.5
$21 MN/CHI O41

Go with these Paolo

Broncos -4.5
Vikings +6.5
Bills +1
Steelers +7

3 for 3 so far :slight_smile:

Week 3

Texans -2.5 over Baltimore
Jets -2.5 over Buffalo

3-2 this weekend 7-4 overall but -$3.10 ...

I'm taking a trip to Las Vegas in October I think. It'll be my first time back in five years. It's dicey (pun intended) but maybe I will move back too. :slight_smile:

Really good overall JMan 5-2 how I wish you bet funny money too to see your weighting. I'm thinking you are good tonight at Steelers +7.

I tend to stay away from the night games because I don't have good luck with them.

5-3 for me overall

Week 3

$7 SD/TEN O44 x1.962
$8 BAL +2.5
$12 Washington M/L (to win) x1.813
$18 Green Bay -2
$11 OAK/DEN O49 x1.971

I'm 1-4 not good

Pittsburgh -1
Detroit -2.5
Redskins -3

9-7 overall -$22.17
2-3 last week -19.07

Well there is bad luck and there is rotten luck as I had as follows on my three losses this week.

At least I have not made an ill-advised bet all year, as they have all missed due to just plain bad luck when a team did not show up. Take for example this week's flukes:

  1. (Redskins to Win) The Lions beat the Redskins on the road for the first time EVER.
  2. (Green Bay -2) Green Bay puts up 30 straight points to go up 30-14 and then manages to lose 34-30!
  3. (SD/TEN Over 44) San Diego can't score much against Tennessee unlike their scoring against Houston and Philadelphia in the first two games.