NFL beating CFL in TV ratings

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  1. NHL, Jets-Jackets/Pens-Leafs/Wings-Sens, Saturday, CBC-Sportsnet: 1,580,000

  2. World Series, Royals at Mets, Sunday, Sportsnet: 1,060,000 (Fox audience not measured)

  3. World Series, Royals at Mets, Saturday, Sportsnet: 953,000 (Fox audience not measured)

4. NFL, 4 p.m. games, Sunday, CTV: 923,000

  1. World Series, Royals at Mets, Friday, Sportsnet: 868,000 (Fox audience not measured)

  2. NHL, Flames at Oilers, Saturday, CBC: 861,000

7. NFL, 1 p.m. games, Sunday, CTV: 611,000

8. CFL, Alouettes at Eskimos, Sunday, TSN: 509,000

  1. Skate Canada, pairs final, Sunday, CTV: 496,000

10. CFL, Roughriders at Stampeders, Saturday, TSN: 449,000

  1. NHL, Maple Leafs at Rangers, Friday, Sportsnet Ontario: 449,000

12. CFL, RedBlacks at Tiger-Cats, Saturday, TSN: 448,000

13. CFL, Lions at Argonauts, Friday, TSN: 423,000

14. NFL, Packers at Broncos, Sunday, TSN: 415,000 (NBC audience not measured)

15. Curling, Grand Slam Masters women's final, Sunday, Sportsnet: 361,000

  1. Curling, Grand Slam Masters men's final, Sunday, CBC: 312,000

  2. Rugby World Cup final, New Zealand vs. Australia, Saturday, TSN: 305,000

  3. Curling, Grand Slam Masters women's quarters, Saturday, Sportsnet: 293,000

19. NFL, Lions vs. Chiefs, Sunday, CTV: 288,000

  1. Auto racing, NASCAR Goody's 500, Sunday, TSN: 287,000

  2. Skate Canada, ladies' free, Saturday, CTV: 249,000

  3. NHL, Jets at Canadiens, Sunday, Sportsnet One: 230,000

  4. NBA, Raptors at Celtics, Friday, Sportsnet One: 225,000

  5. NHL, Islanders at Devils, Saturday, Sportsnet: 205,000

  6. NBA, Bucks at Raptors, Sunday, TSN: 202,000

Our Part time Zebras are second class to an NFL official, the refs are a total joke and are taking away many a great play which is very exciting to watch for our CFL fans! I think lots of sports fans are tuning away from watching CFL over NFL as our officiating is making the game unwatchable at times :thdn:

^^^ Yeah, I think there is validity in that.

Also, I think TSN needs to ramp up their game. Wuld love to see better camera coverage of CFL games, closer to what the NFL does (Knowing full well that the NFL has way more money to work with)

IMO the quality of the CFL game has dropped off the last few years while NFL games have become more exciting. Maybe it's a cyclical thing.

It must be a combination of things but it does go back to last season, with the low scoring and terrible play we knew that a lot of fans wouldn't be back. You also have that huge GTA market that is not attending Argo games and also not watching on TV.

Ottawa at Hamilton, the game of the week and the one game that was going to mean something and only 448,000 viewers?

I think that most of the TSN panel needs to be changed as well as getting rid of Rod Black specifically. The telecast is tired and now somewhat boring. Change the format maybe. I find it way too scripted and bias comments from each of them. They are not the impartial panel as seen on most NFL telecasts by any one of the networks.
I watch the Raptors telecasts quite a bit and the play by play is fantastic. Given that it is not impartial and they are homers but it's seems that TSN could do much better with the CFL.

TSN tends to imitate rather than innovated. i.e that "Friday Night!" song. With such a rich history they could do more to draw on that as opposed to the NFL. Just look at the two trophies - a football nailed to a two-by-four and painted silver vs. an actual silver cup with a 100 + year history!

Some improved camera angles would help - I don't think they've made any changes there in years.

The big hit has been the awful schedule this year. With the argos in a new home that should improve. The Friday night games make a ton of sense but not so much the Sunday or Tuesday games.

Fundamentally, I am amazed that people buy into the NFL advertising where you pick a random team from a city you may (most likely not) have visited and then buy their gear etc. I love that the CFL is a gate-driven league, that the players earn living wages, and that one of the owners is chat room monitor.

I agree with everything here. The main thing that I respect is the salaries. These guys play hard for a fraction of what NFL players make. It puts more heart and less business into the game. It makes them far more respectable to the fans who work their asses off to be able to buy tickets.

As for TSN, a few weeks ago there was a CFL game that was bumped for an NHL preseason game. This doesn't happen in the US. In fact, no preseason game should ever overtake a regular season game.

Its hard to convert, or get people involved with watching the CFL. Most people complain that the 3 downs make the game too back and forth or slow. That you only get to see 2 plays before having to punt. I get it. But I can tell you from personal experiences that if you can get someone into the stands to watch the game live, they will want to come back, and if they come back enough, they'll want to be part of the community that you've invited them to. I love walking up to the stadium, whether it was Ivor Wynne, or THF, and seeing the surrounding streets flooded with black and gold, people with crazy costumes and faces painted. You can't get that feeling on TV.

I'm a fan of the New Orleans Saints, but it had little to do with picking a random city. I saw what Drew Brees was doing post Katrina. Helping to rebuild parks and communities around the city. I became a Saints fan because of Drew Brees. There was a player for Cincinnati (his name escapes me at the moment) that was going to donate all the proceeds from his jersey sales to the Children's Hospital that his daughter was receiving treatment from. Sean Payton bought as many jerseys as he could, and THEN donated those jerseys to the children at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Becoming a Saints fan wasn't just a random selection of a Superbowl winning team. It was a team that does something for the community its in.

Just a couple comments for what they are worth, neither pro nor con to your Post.
TV camera wise for NFL games, each NFL stadium has two "HIGH" cameras that move across the field. There are a minimum of 12 field production cameras, norm is about 20 and as many as 30 for a game. Now they are also placing cameras in the Goal Line Pylons. The Super Bowl uses 62 cameras.
On NFL/CFL fan gear, since ESPN, one way or another, shows every CFL game the number of CFL fans in the States has grown, especially since many of the Sports Lounges show the games on several TVs. Personally, I am seeing more and more CFL Team Jerseys being worn at these Lounges. Don't ask me how they pick a particular Team but they are.
What I like is that since watching games every week the comparison of NFL/CFL has diminished significantly. The Rules are different, the Field is different, the players have to be "different". But once this is recognized and understood it doesn't matter whether it is a C or N FL game, it is Professional Football played by Professional Football Players and Professional Coaches!

TSN are hard to figure out , they appear to not care about CFL Ratings .....for example , tonights final Argo game at the dome is NOT being shown on TSN4 which is the S. Ont feed. Tomorrows very important Redblack/Ticat game is not on TSN4 either .

This just blows my mind , WTF.

Many good points here.

Perhaps next year TSN should do a big revamp as the Argos move to BMO

Hopefully a good Toronto schedule, renewed marleting and allowing tailgating at the Ex grounds will make a big difference.

Now's the time to make an Argo game an event.

The Raptors are playing tonight, perhaps that's why.

Makes perfect sense not to show a meaningless Argos game when there is an exciting team you can showcase.

Nascar on TSN 4 to-day when RB/Ticat game is on ............Just makes no sense , TSN deserves the falling ratings. Its seems they want the ratings to go down . :roll: :roll:

i don’t get what is with the TSN 4 thing, they’re showing it on 1, 3, and 5.

I agree with everyone here.

On top of the points being made here, we are seeing TSN promoting lessor viewed sports by using CFL audiences. They switch immediately at the end of our games to Soccer, or cut in late to the CFL game from a meaningless Soccer game. The only logic we can see is that they are trying to boost their soccer ratings by showing that a "peak" of 500,000 people tuned in. When in fact only 70,000 were watching soccer, and the other 430,000 were watching waiting for the CFL game to start.

I have confidence that our new Commissioner will hold TSN accountable, but they have gotten away with it for so many years now we are going to have push hard at the leadership level at both the CFL and TSN to change this culture.

Meantime you can all help by complaining to TSN everytime you see this kind of behaviour. Thanks!

I get tired of trying to find the CFL games on TV. Also listening to a figure skating announcer calling a game he does not understand. No wonder ratings are low.

Nothing like biting the hand that feeds you Mr. Young!

Perhaps you are missing the obvious here. Why would TSN continually broadcast the more popular events on the basic channel? Why wouldn't they shift some of the most-watched events to other TSN channels now and then to entice viewers to upgrade their service and generate more revenue for themselves and the cable providers? It's called upselling - you should try it sometime.

Also, how do you intend to "hold TSN accountable"? If, as you contend, TSN "have gotten away with it for so many years now", why wasn't this addressed in the most recent rights agreement with TSN? Why didn't you and the other CFL owners "push hard at the leadership level at both the CFL and TSN" and insist in the agreement that these games be telecast on the basicTSN channel in Southern Ontario?
Your post is written as if the CFL is some third party in this process, BUT THE CFL IS YOU SIR!

Maybe he should have done that before signing an extension don't you think Mr. Young?.

While I agree we need to speak out unfortunately the loudest talk is with wallets and by the time they notice the withdrawals the account may be empty.

Good to know someone has noticed this behaviour.
Unfortunately this should have been worked out before signing a new deal with TSN. :roll:

CFL should have a weekly show on CTV and all shows should be heavily promoted with he panel broadcasting live from the stadium. I'd also like to see more shots of the live crowd instead of that 2nd replay or random shots of a player doing nothing between plays.
They really need to try harder to capture the atmosphere at games.

While I understand the argument about TSN and what they do with their channels, I don't think it contributes as much to the ratings as the game itself.

The quality of the game has been on a steady decline for a few years now. It seems that gone are the days of the 48-42 shootout in the middle of summer that sent text messages between me and my friends flying around. Way too many times in the past 2-3 seasons have I joined a non-ticat game in progress to see 6-2 or 3-1 midway through the 2nd quarter.

I have a couple ideas that might increase the level of play in the game:

  1. 5 year rule (I think this was a rule before) - If you have 5 years of service with the same team they count as a Canadian. This rule promotes teams keeping the same players, continuity and players the fans can relate to. Perhaps limit to 2 or 3 per team?

  2. Invest in officiating. Im not a conspiracy theorist, so I don't think refs are out to get us, but the refs are taking over the games in a bad way. Maybe the majority of penalties are legit, so maybe rules keeping players in the league and on the same team would cut down on penalties, but also the interpretations of the rules seems to change. WHat happened to the "asking for a flag" rule that was in place for the first 6 weeks? By my count there should have been 4 on Sunday but none were called. While it think its a dumb rule to begin with it seems to have disappeared.

  3. Promote players staying with the same team. Like above, add salary cap rules like the NBA or MLB that promotes players staying put. Max out contracts for free agents vs staying in the same city. Reward teams for keeping talent with either a higher salary cap or the Non import rule above.

  4. Instead of looking for "new ways to increase scoring" - look for ways to make the quality of football better. Not sure if its more mini camps, longer preseason, larger roster sizes to keep more players around, etc. But look no further than the quality of backup QB and STARTING kickers to understand how terrible the product has been at times.

  5. Sunday 1pm games in fall. Ive been vocal about this in the past so im not going to get into it again, but anyone that thinks Sunday fall games done impact our ratings and/or attendance is nuts. I couldn't give my tickets away last week to people that would rather watch the NFL on TV. Again, why compete with the giant when you don't have to? MLB kept the world series away from Monday/Thursday and Sunday afternoon, that should tell you all you need to know.

  6. Quality of the TSN broadcast - Agreed its time for a panel refresh, Rod black has to go, Cuthbert and Forde are 2 that are professional enough to stay.

I love this league and this game, but the quality of the league is severely dropping off. Its time to look at more things than just the on field rules as to the reason.

This weeks numbers

  1. NHL, Leafs-Caps/Bruins-Habs/Flyers-Jets/Sens-Canes, Saturday, CBC-Rogers: 1,888,000

  2. NFL, Broncos-Colts/Giants-Bucs, Sunday, CTV: 834,000

  3. NFL, Early afternoon games, Sunday, CTV: 731,000

  4. NHL, Penguins at Flames, Saturday, CBC: 712,000

  5. CFL, Tiger-Cats at RedBlacks, Saturday, TSN: 634,000

  6. CFL, Stampeders at Lions, Saturday, TSN: 489,000

  7. NHL, Penguins at Oilers, Friday, Sportsnet: 454,000

  8. NHL, Red Wings at Maple Leafs, Friday, TSN: 451,000 (Ontario only)

  9. NHL, Oilers at Blackhawks, Sunday, Sportsnet: 406,000

  10. CFL, Roughriders at Alouettes, Sunday, TSN: 394,000

  11. NFL, Eagles at Cowboys, Sunday, TSN: 378,000 (NBC audience not measured)

  12. NHL, Canucks at Sabres, Saturday, Sportsnet: 368,000

  13. CFL, Blue Bombers at Argonauts, Friday, TSN: 357,000

  14. NBA, Raptors at Heat, Sunday, Sportsnet One: 236,000

  15. NBA, Raptors at Magic, Friday, Sportsnet One: 228,000

  16. Auto racing, NASCAR Texas 500, Sunday, TSN: 219,000 (NBC audience not measured)

  17. Gymnastics, World championships, Saturday, CBC: 209,000

  18. UFC, Belfort vs. Henderson, Saturday, TSN: 204,000

  19. Speed-skating, World short-track, Saturday, CBC: 197,000

  20. Soccer, Tottenham at Arsenal, Sunday, TSN: 153,000

  21. Figure skating, Cup of China, Saturday, CBC: 152,000

  22. Soccer, West Bromwich at Manchester United, Saturday, Sportsnet: 150,000

  23. MLS, Portland at Vancouver, Sunday, TSN: 153,000

  24. Soccer, Chelsea at Stoke City, Saturday, TSN: 125,000

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